Introducing Voltron...

well I must say this is an impressive beast. Got to see it go at the track today. Well done!
Now you just have to get the defrost working


Today we upgraded the ignition and I was able to turn the boost up without any more breakup. It pulls nice and clean now. S101 and Newman got rides. I’ll turn the boost up some more Monday and some time next week I’d like to track it assuming things hold together.

It walks around a lot in 4th gear which seems to be what’s killing the front axles. Hopefully they’ll hold together so I can run it down the strip and see what it does. Then it’s time to work on the DCCD control settings so it corners the way I want it to.

joo craz-e foo

this car flys :slight_smile: i <3 it

holly hell. After seeing that thing in person… WOW I want one

I was running 28-29 psi and that’s where I’m leaving it for now. I ended up tuning someone else’s car all day today and didn’t touch mine. It looks like it may rain Wednesday, but hopefully it will hold out so we can run it at a normal boost level.

holy shit thats a lot of boost!

HAHAHA. I ran 33 psi on my 18 year old stock legacy engine for a while and then 39.5 psi to blow it up. 29 is no sweat for the STi engine.

I went to NYIRP but missed out on racing partly because it started raining right before I got there and partly because they said I need more safety equipment to run. Oh the BS…just because it’s an import they’re actually going to enforce the rules.

I want what hees got ^^^

I remember my first experience with voltron

I was on my way to canada a few weeks ago at night when I hear the most BA sounding subaru burbule from a mile away.

I finally get passed by Mike just trekkin along heading towards the gi bridge. It was really random but the picture will remain burned into my head. It sounded beautiful.

Cant wait to see the results on one of the most innovative ej25s in the country.

Amazing. I know i already said i love it but man i really like this build. Im going to be home to visit late oct and you are totally giving me a ride. So how long will i be able to keep a STI as a daily driver untill i just have two racecars and need a third car.

I sheared a brand new aftermarket upgraded axle on the first launch last night. The track issues continue…

I’m out for Sunday as well.

:tdown: Any pics of the axle?


one of the rear bars ??? damn

Yup one of the brand new upgraded rear bars sheared on the first launch. Then Warwagon sheared his upgraded bar on his launch. He had already pulled his spare out so we could use it on my car. Then he needed it to drive so we winched Voltron on the trailer and left.

SICK pics Mike. Thanks so much Onyx and Mike for going with me. I’m sorry I couldn’t put on a better show LOL.

At first I thought maybe I was overconfident in my grip and had spun so I got back on it for a split second to see what was up and then I heard the fap fap fap of the axle bar…

In car video of the axle shearing:

Maybe you should ask them to wet down the launch area…so you don’t hook as hard…

That sucks though…

Eh if I didn’t want to hook I wouldn’t have put stickies on, but spinning all the way down the track on the other tires was far more frustrating.

We got the upgraded rear axle bars we were recommended and they just didn’t cut it. We’ll see how the manufacturer handles this and move forward.

I know what thats like, sucks milke

You broke it like it was made of wood. Way too much power.

Can Mike email the shots of my car …pleeease.