is there a way to physically delete codes from your ECU

I have an OBDII car. If I modify stuff to the point where it won’t pass emissions, is there a way I can delete the code from the ECU so it won’t even pop up?

I imagine its never completely gone from the ECU, kinda like the FBI retrieves child porn from PC’s. If the dealer wanted to be a dick I imagine they could still find it.

I always thought after a certain number of times of starting the car, it went away. Of course I have never had a OBD2 car.

With a tune/chip certain things can be eliminated.

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you can not “delete” a code from your ECU. EVER!.. now with certain tuning software you can turn off a code from activating a check engine light but that wont “delete” the code off the system. The code will still come up if you use a scan tool on the cars computer but depending on what codes you turn off you can still pass inspection

ex. i have turned off my rear o2 sensor code from setting a check engine light. b/c i have an 06 i can only have 1 readiness monitor not set when i go to get my car inspected. so turning off my rear o2 sensors means it’s my only pass to get by with an inspection. i’ve inspected my car twice with the code turned off and passed inspection with flying colors.

i know most of this is going to go right over your head so do some google searches on

readiness monitors
new york state inspection
obd-II codes

i dont think that starting your car 50 times in a row would make your check engine light go away :lol

depending on the car and software available for it, certain parameters can be deleted but you will never pass inspection. i think u can have one fail. for ex. my corvette, the parameter for the Cats is turned off. thats my one fail

Sorry. I was impaired. I know what I was trying to say, guess it didnt come out that way. :lol

Take tweezers and start picking and stabbing the ecu. Should work after that !

Brew say I had done an auto to manual swap and my car threw 7 codes for a missing auto tranny ecu and sensors. Would that count as the 1 fail? or 6 fails?

If you are worried about O2 sensors there is a way to trick the ECU to think they are all functioning normally. If the ECU thinks they are good, there is no code. Anywhere.

You can install a wayne angle block.

-Basically is a spark plug fowler that goes into your rear o2.You just have to figure out the correct distance .They have them all over ebay for like 5.00. May need a streight or a 90 degree piece depends how sensitive your car is.

I had no cat on the jetta and as soon as I did this the CEL went away. Stayed off for about a year and never came back on.

yea with my tuner for my mustang i can turn off thing such as the EGR, and the secondary 02s if I ever wanted to run no cats.

I know on my VR wich is obd1 when I deleted the EGR, the carbon cansiter and the rest of that stuff, i simply de pinned pin #10 and it doenst thow codes for that anymore. So i am still able to retain my checkengine light if i have other codes down the road.

step 1) remove ecu

step 2) open ecu

step 3) remove a tansistor at a time until the code you want removed is gone.

step 4) be careful not to let the smoke out of the inside of the ecu while doing this!

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Yeah if you’re worried about 02 functionality, there are several ways around it. You can even build a fake one using a fairly simple circuit. There is not a way to delete codes from a PCM, especially by starting and turning off the car. The only way to get rid of it would be to fix the issue that’s causing it.

OBD 0/1 FTW!!

gotta be tuned out mate. Befor I dropped my cam pos sensor on the jetta. I fixed my IAT sensor code, by lol… plugging it back in. (i missed that one when i put the motor back in). Cleared the code, and turned the ignition on and scanned the computer. All readyness codes were pass, and no cels. I could pass inspection like a champ… if i could drive it there!

Anyways, I have no MAF, EVAP anything, cat, PCV, EGR… the list goes on all deleted by Unitronic and no codes at all. And they readyness shows pass, pass, pass across the board even with the car off! lol

anyone have a suggestion about what i posted above?

Tranny sensors cant be that complicated. What are they for? I’m sure we can trick them out.