John Murtha calls "western Pa" racist

In an interview with The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), a long serving congressional lawmaker for Western Pennsylvania, opined on the 2008 PA political landscape.

“There’s no question Western Pennsylvania is a racist area,” said Mr. Murtha, whose district stretches from Johnstown to Washington County. “The older population is more hesitant.”

“I think Obama is going to win, but I don’t think it’s going to be a runaway,” he said. “I think he wins Pennsylvania.”

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interesting but sounds about right. honestly tho at this point is probaly just as bad as anywhere else u go nowdays imo.

I’ve lived other places and PA is the worse of them so far.


i agree.i guess what i meant thats its everywhere but insome places its def more noticeable.

i remember reading that western PA has the highest amount of hate groups in the country. but that has been the case for many years though. honestly i thought it cooled off. they are not as visible anymore. you don’t see the pagans out like you used to. it appears the groups have been a lot more discreet in past years.

If you really want to get into it I am willing to bet % wise… the % of white people not voting for Obama b/c he is black is far less than the % of black people voting for Obama b/c he is black. I guess you could argue the racism goes both ways in this case…and % wise far farther one way than the other.

Y’s that? cause black people arent smart enough to make a educated decision on who they want as president so they resort to voting for obama cause his skin colors the same. I highly doubt it. I could say the same about white people and mccain? I guess all white people are voting for mccain cause hes white??:dunno:

I think you are taking it the worng way. I feel that there are a lot of black people voting for Obama only b/c he is black…from every white person I talk to it seems there are a lot that are voting for both parties. From all the black people I talked to I have yet to meet one that is voting for McCain…just an observation…don’t take it the wrong way…and get all Xlogic on me

I see what your saying but its a endless debate becaue there are plenty of white people who will not vote for obama just because he’s black so its the same thing.

Which I totally agree with, I was just argueing the % game…but I will say #'s wise there are more white people who refuse to vote for Obama b/c he is black than there are black people who are only voting for him b/c he is black.

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He is good at bringing business into his district though, ironically a lot of it defense related, which doesn’t go along with the whole Democrat thing. Kind of weird.

Stupid statement that he made though, even if there are a lot of racist people in the region. Like the guy that pulled into the bowling alley near me blaring some N***** Hatin’ song. WTF??? Where do these poeple come from?

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What no one is bringing up is that poor black people ALWAYS vote Democrat. If Obama was Scandinavian he’d STILL have the black vote. More black people might be showing up because he’s black, but more Vietnam vets might be showing up for McCain based on his time in Hanoi alone.

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blacks voting for obama cauase he is black are fuckin stupid as fuck…not only because of that but becasue HE’S HALF WHITE AND RAISED BY WHITES!!! if they are gonna vote for a black guy…atleast pick a real black guy… its like tiger woods saying he’s a black guy… its like rod woodson sayin he’s a black guy, its like heinz ward saying he’s a black guy. why is it everytime someone is half black thats the side they say they are?

outside allegheny county, what contact do those “racists” really have with blacks… not much on a daily basis. they are just dumb rednecks being dumb rednecks. Living in pittsburgh and hating blacks or white can be more understandable. One may have had a bad experience with one race or the other. For those of us who work near town you know what you see around the bus stops… john murtha needs to shut his tired old ass. LA is probably one of the most racist towns in the country. Mexicans HATE blacks. Why do people only say the word racist when it come from a white to a black… its everyone! I dont think there is blind racism in pittsburgh. there is no one goin up to a black guy in a business suit “hey fuck you nigger” Its got less do do with your skin color than how you act/carry yourself/ dress/ etc… i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. the 1950 word nigger isn’t the 2008 word nigger. nigger in the 50’s was basically any black, they were all deemed as trash. 2008 its the scum that do nothing and leach off the system, the bums haning out sellin crack, can’t talk in normal english. I guess maybe a better thing to decribe them is “pieces of shit”. Again… john murtha is so outta touch with reality. He has no idea whats really goin on in the streets, what people really think.

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