JUICEDZ4 build thread


this is awesome. phenomenal work


I love everything you build.


This is the best Cavy ever, hands down.


Honestly, I can’t wait until this is done. You got a lot to be proud of on this build, Dan.


Thanks guys!! Its really gona start coming together soon.

The gloss died back a little over night. It probably could have used a couple more coats, but whatever. It looks plenty good enough.

Prob no more proress this weekend with the holiday. Next week, assembly and wiring!



My new reman axle came today. I just couldnt find a GD boot to fit the stock one, meh.

Also I put a couple bolts in the bumper tube and took a closeup of the clear finally dry. Again, pretty good for spray bom and no sanding or buffing.



-Painted the new pass side axle
-Welded mounts for the HID ballasts on the core support / headlight assy and painted it low gloss black
-Painted the mounting flanges of the bumper tube and installed it
-Rivited the HID ballasts in place
-Cleaned the old ass stickers off the radiator and cleaned it and the shrouding
-Cleaned up the engine bay a little



Is you IC solid mounted? Mine is solid top flex bottom and I had some people on another site acting like the world would end because the top is solid. Just wondering your take. Looks great and clean as always.


Yep, completely solid mounted. Its been that way since like 2001 ish, no issues. Same with my radiator, solid mounted.

It would be better with some sort of isolator or whatever, but its def not the end of the world. Nothing bad has happened to me yet. :shrug:



you need to stop listening to all the “internet engineers” . lol


My response was and I quote “stop being a pussy”. I don’t listen to internet engineers John however I do listen to sound advice when given. Hence getting an opinion here from someone I find credible.


Made the headlight harness last night, and redid the wiring on the headlights themselves. I need to either try and get a new HB cover from DDM or just cover the hole I had from the other HID (Im just running low now for simplicity). Also need to make a bracket to hold the mating connector for the headlights since I wont be able to hold it forever.

I still need to wire up the corner and fender lights. Maybe Ill get to that sat night.



Working headlights? Like this will see night time driving! lol! Great work, a lot of time and pride. Enjoy!


haha. Acutally it seems to see more night than day since it sucks to commute 22 miles in.



I wish you lived closer I would love your touch and ideas added to a few elements of my build.


Can always send pics over. Id be happy to try and look at them and offer help. Thats about the best Ill be able to do. If I was wife and kid less Id run out for a weekend.



Front is now basically done other than a new grille. For now Im going to just sorta hack in the origial grille, even tho it fits like crap, until I can get all of my carbon fiber supplies.

Tomorrow, on to the decklid.



The front end if finally done. I basically hate the stock grille in there but it will have to do for now. Its also better than a big gaping hole. Ill start working on the new one eventually.

Almost finished with the trunk lid mounts. I have two more to mount once the last few camloc parts come in and two more to fab up still (the two under the rear window). The license plate is mounted using two LED lit bolts at the top for the plate lights and two rivets at the bottom.



I havent updated this in some time but I have been chipping away.

-added an attional brace to my jackshaft bracket
-installed passenger axle, FINALLY
-trunk lid mounts are complete. I still need to mount the spring terminal connections for the plate lights, but Ill get to that eventually
-finally fabbed up a shock hood prop. The top mount is quick release so I can unhook it in the garage (I like to tie the hood straight up and down for easy access). All parts for it were sourced from McMaster
-rear hubs and brakes are completely assembled along with all the front suspension (just needs alignment)
-clutch issue solved by adding a pedal stop

Also finally recieved my new oil cooler and Mocal thermostatic sandwich plate (took like 6 weeks to get)

And a few pics:

And the new oil cooler and tstat/sandwich adapter. My old seutp was rediculously complicated. Remote mount filter, separate Tstat and a crappy B&M cooler. By going to this setup I lose 10 connection points and like 450 degrees in fittings. Basicaly itll just be two hoses, win.

Tonight I backed it out of the garage, and right back in, no issues. The clutch was fine and it ran well. I just didnt have time to take it for a spin.



:tup: can’t wait for more results.