JUICEDZ4 build thread


:tup: lookin good


So awesome


Swapped in my new injectors today. Got MS reconfigured and took it for a quick spin and snapped a couple pics. Its still filthy, but from this far away I thought it looked pretty good.

full res: http://clubhousecustoms.com/gallery2/d/12391-1/IMG_4198.JPG

full res: http://clubhousecustoms.com/gallery2/d/12394-1/IMG_4199.JPG

full res: http://clubhousecustoms.com/gallery2/d/12397-1/IMG_4201.JPG



So sweet


OMG its out of the garage under its own power… i thought id never see pics :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously. Next cool pics / vids will be on the dyno. Im hoping in like two weeks.



Good for you Dan! It looks great!


car is amazing as far as building stuff from scratch goes, and all the custom fab, one off work

i really agree with you, the stock grill is like egg in the face of a good looking car, and something about the fitment of the headlights seems a little off, prolly just in adjustment.
Other then that, this thing is seriously the coolest cavi on the planet, and its been awesome following this build.


will it be AWD?



Yes, the grille fucking blows. Hopefully Ill get to make a nice one someday. Its just gona be a while before I can pull together all the CF shit I need to get started.

And of course its AWD. duh.



I really need to go watch that :slight_smile:



Such nice work…


Not sure wtf Ive been doing lately, but it certainly hasnt been working on or driving the car.

Last night, though, I finally went out to start on the scaling and alignment.

  • rolled the car out and leveled the floor (8’ level comes in handy for this, although Id like to make a water level setup someday)

  • got the car on the scales, tire pressure set and checked the corner weights

With 1/2 tank of gas the final weight is 2424lbs

With me and the scale control box in the car its

2626lbs total distributed as:

862 813
488 463

51.4% Left
63.8% Front
50.5% cross weight (target of 50.0%)

-setup the strings, measured the rear alignment and got the alignment shims all ready to install.

I may try to get out tonight and get the rear shims installed, and the ebrakes fully operational.



Took last friday off and got most of the alignment done.

Shimmed the rear hubs. Added these metal push nuts to hold the hub/backing plate / spacer assembly together while its off the car. It made pulling them off and on SOO much simpler.


Then I ran into a problem with the front tie rods. They were so long that I could only get the front toe to 1.5" total, haha. Saturday afternoon I ran over to Transporters house and he turned down the tie rods for me. An hour or two later I had them in and the front toe set.

For now Im running these settings

-1.6 deg camber
0 toe

-1.0 deg camber
1/8" total toe in

So now my alignment is all set and the ebrake is functional again.

Time to finally get some miles on it, starting tomorrow.



Put a few miles on tonight. It ran and shifted just fine.

I have a small rubbing noise in the rear which may just be an ebrake pad, not sure yet.

That and my headlights are in owl hunter mode, so I need to get them adjusted before I do much more night driving.



Logged another 15 or so miles on sat. No issues.

I was doing a ton of shifting, probably every 1/2 mile, slowing down some and down and upshifting.

Im hoping to get tuned around the 22nd.

Until then Im going to try and get the oil cooler mounted and plumbed and tinker on some other little projects. And of course put some more miles on it.





Finally got a free weekend to work on the car. Sat am I drove around for an hour or two then I drained the E85 and switched back to 93 oct. I just dont have the fuel system to make 400hp on E85 and I really dont feel like upgrading anything else. So Im just gona see what I can do with what I got. Then I did some quick rescaling and verified it still runs ok.

Anyway, I discovered the rubbing noise was the tire on the ebrake cables. A couple zip ties fixed that up. Also I noticed that I never tightened all the jamb nuts on the rear K brace or swaybar endlinks, oops.

Sat pm and today I finally made the duct / mount for the oil cooler and got it all plumbed in. (Ill post pics later on tonight or in the am).

Im hoping if the weather holds out (isnt too stupid hot or rainy) Ill be getting tuned this week.