JUICEDZ4 build thread


Pics of the oil cooler mount / ducting (only half for now).

Not bad for being bent between two pieces of angle iron clamped together. The curved flange I bent using a piece of aluminum bar stock that I cut a groove into. Bent it little by little, then hammered smooth.

Compared to my old remote filter, tstat and cooler setup, I now have 360degs less fittings, 12 less joints (stupid NPT adapters) and probably 8’ less hose.



I was gona take the car out tonight until I realized I left the key on yesterday and the batt was completely dead. When I pulled off the trunk lid I noticed the spring loaded contact dealo sitting in the spare tire well. Since I hate having to cut the wires when I want to take off the trunk lid lol, I decided to make use of the contacts finally.

First I had to cut a 1/8" thick trim ring for the trunk side fixed contacts. Then I epoxied the whole assy to the inside of the lid.


Next, I made up a flat aluminum bracket, utilizing the two mounting screws that hold the lid mounting rails to the car. A couple simple standoffs, some paint and wiring later and BOOM, a working setup.


So now I have one more thing checked off my list AND a charged battery.



Awesome dude! Love the attention to detail


tuning, sunday. Cant fn wait.





I can’t wait to see some numbers this car is a piece of art.


Well, today coudl have been better. It rained, we experienced an ignition issue (which I believe was heat related due to the lack of airflow), and then when things were finally going ok, my pass side inner cv boot ripped at 80mph spraying grease all over the serp belt and engine bay, causing the belt to fly off. That was the end of the day.

We did manage to get fuel tuned up to just over 100kpa and 5800 rpms. So all wasnt lost in the hour we were strapped down. Im gona replace the axle on wed probably and get back to tuning next weekend.



So AAP had a NEW cv axle in stock (unreal). I picked that up as well as a new notgreasecovered serp belt. I may try to run down and climb the mountain tonight if possible. If not its weds or the weekend. sigh



goodluck. :tup:


First, a pic of the car acutally rollin at Ricks. (yep, thats a furnace fan quickclamped to a resin lawn chair, lol. Kept my car plenty cool)

Drove down this afternoon, climbed the mountain, pulled the axle, cleaned up grease, installed a new serp belt and axle (outside) in 2.5 hours. Not bad.

Apparently my alternator didnt magically fix itself (wont charge), so Im going back to my old one for tuning, which may happen sat.



OMG! Back yard dyno!


Back mountain dyno, hahaha


Yep. I think it takes like 2-3 mins to go up or down the driveway.



That dyno setup rules, haha.

Such a work of art as always, in every aspect.


Ya, the dyno rules. Rick, even more.

Verified at lunch that the alternator is dead. Perfect.



So I had someone on antoher forum reply to my torn cv boot with “dont you know about the zip tie trick”?

Well this led me on a google easter egg hunt. Turns out that lots of road racers do two things with their cv boots. One, they put zip ties or string between each valley on the boot to keep it from expanding due to the centripetal force of the grease. Two, they vent the boot at the small end with wd-40 straws etc.

Like this:


I also found that DSS offers a “road race” option for thier axles where they use a stronger boot and also add a vent to them to relieve pressure.

So Im 99% convinced this is what happened to my boot. It expanded enough from the speeds and the grease and contacted either the motor mount itself or the bolts that hold it to the body.

So Im going to zip tie and vent the boots on the car before this happens again.

Also, I cant believe that no one I know has heard of this before. ( I still need to talk to my road race buddy but hes testing at the Glen today I believe).




Well the cavy is ready, again. Got the new alternator on, plugs changed, a heatshield made, ignition coil capacitor installed, zip ties and vents on the cv boots, and the car rolled onto the dyno rack. Rick is gonna start on it tomorrow pm.

Hopefully nothing else completely bonkers goes wrong tomorrow.



Good luck man! I exploded two axle boots on the dyno this week lol.


Just boots? Perhaps its time for some zip ties and venting. Lol


Can’t wait to see some numbers!