JUICEDZ4 build thread


Yeah they look exactly like yours did. I had WAY too much grease in them as im a newb ha. I am gonna do zip ties, venting, way less grease.

So what you looking to make?


Honestly at this point I just want it tuned and running well. But part of me is hoping we can squeeze like 400 observed out of it (who knows).

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IF you are gona rebuild them, the idea that I heard that sounded better than zip ties was heavy duty orings around the boots. Just another idea for ya.



I am tossing on new boots tomorrow evening.


Rick finally worked through some issues and was able to get a few wot pulls done. This was where he stopped at 11psi tonight, sounds like there is still some power left to be had. It was still climing with timing at 25degs.

More to come.

Hoping for like 350 obserbed on the Land and Sea dyno. I just dont see 400 observed happening on that roll.



Awesome Dan!


:tup: now get out and cruise!


Nice curve :tup:


Well Rick finished up tonight. Im finally out of fuel, so this is it.

21psi peak, 19 out the back… observed power, no corrections: 331hp/313ftlbs

Picking it up tomorrow am. I cant fn wait.



Pretty close to your goal! Nice job


Wow nice!


Congrats man :tup:




How much does your car weigh now? Good numbers! I bet she is a blast to drive.


Its 2626 wet with me in it (Im like 202 clothed).

So far I have only driven it like 30miles from Rick’s to home, which was pretty fun. We left for vacation the day after I got the car home, and we just got back tonight. Im hoping to get it cleaned up tomorrow and maybe get some more seat time before work monday.



my leg weighs that much. 2400lbs is pretty light, but for some reason I thought it would be lighter.


Drove the car again last night, finally. So much fun. I was almost laughing driving it.

I do have some little issues to work through, but at least its driveable now.

On my list:

-Figure out why the fucking alternator stops charging over 4k rpms again.

-Input fuel pressure to MS so I can log it (I have a feeling its not keeping up, perhaps b/c of the reduced voltage). Im trying to figure out why I am out of injector… 80lb/hr, 50psi base fuel pressure, out of fuel at 330hp at 6400rpms.

  • fix a big rear suspension squeak

  • setup the 2-step and flat-shift



Glad you’re finally enjoying it!


This just happened to me this week. Blew out all four front axle boots. Front end is a freakin mess now. Rears still seem to be ok. Very weird.


Ya, funny how the grease goes fucking everywhere when they go. I had a ton on the inside of the hood, back of the radiator, ugh. Im sure Ill be scraping it out forever.

Did you recently replace them?



Are you sure you’re out of injector? What fuel pump is in it? How many volts is the pump getting? What fuel pressure regulator is in it? Is it boost referenced?