KA Rebuild Kits

Hey guys, well it’s that time. My #3 cyl. is down to 50lbs compression, so it’s time to build. It happened at DMCC when the car popped out of gear just before I got back onto the power… So I hopped back on it, not knowing it was in nutral… a few(hundred) bounces of the limiter later, it’s idle was slightly off. …yeah, stock limiter. boo…

In no way am I disappointed though… The turbo (2871R) was installed at about 165,000km and she’s now over 205,000km and I’m sure a lot of you guys here know that I beat the living snot out of this thing every chance I get, It’s something that most KA-T guys share… that torque is hard to resist… and not to mention the countless track days and drift competitions we’ve attended together.

All this (taking cover) with just an safc tune and no gauges… just a boost gauge through the window maybe twice. Those 40,000kms have been a fun couple of years!

Sooo… I’m going to be building this motor over the winter and I’m looking for some links to fairly complete KA24DE bottom end rebuilt kits to compare pricing and parts to purchasing the parts individually.

If vendors here see this, feel free to send me some prices on the parts you have to offer, thanks.

Looking for:

all gaskets
all bearings
oil pump
main and head studs
complete timing kit
connecting rods

possibly valves and springs

Thanks in advance,

AMS has rebuild kits for sale. Good luck with the rebuild.

I would stick with the stock springs and valves unless you intend to rev higher than stock or put some big cams in there. A good valve job, 3 angle or better is a good idea and deburring the cumbustion chamber can eliminate hotspots. Don’t neglect the head, you should at least change the valve seals. Good luck with the build theo.

Edit: also if you deck the head, and you should, deck the block at the same time as well.


Hey tosh. thanks for the tips man… greatly appreciate it!

The block will be fully machined by my old man and I, and I’ll be spending a bit of time on the head doing some smoothing and port matching.

I’m not looking to change the direction of this motor, just want to build it solidly, tune it properly and have it for a very long time. Nice conservative numbers like 280-300 to the wheels max… 300 at the crank is fun enough :slight_smile:

There’s a company advertising on KA-T.org called Underground that has some great deals, but I still have to check out the separate prices.

A good place to buy your rebuild kit is from these guys.
There is a member on KA-T.org that can get you good price. I know that I will get one of those if my engine gives up:)
BTW do you have details of your setup? I could help you out on the tune.

Yeah, thats the place I’ve been checking up on… they seem to have the best packaged deals around.

I have yet to gather the info to get it all priced out separately.

I have the AEM EMS all ready to go with most of the sensors installed already. Dan at UTune will be tuning it all from scratch when she’s ready to roll… but the main details are the GT2871, 550’s, 3’5bar MAP on the full obdII system.

Ok perfect, cause I also have the GT2871r with 555cc injectors and a N60 maf. I am running a daughterboard (2x27c256 eeprom) on a S13 ECU. It’s tuned for 14.5~15 psi. If you change your plans on the tuning, let me know. I am sure Dan at UTune is going to make that car run like a charm! I want to see this build, take some pictures through out the rebuild process !

This build will be photodocumented for sure!