Kill/callout. Xander vs. I RACE U (Stang)

Driving down route xx and I run into a Saleen 03-04 body style stang with a license plate that says I RACE U. Well that’s just asking for it if you ask me. Anyway, a lot of traffic, and we weave in and out a bit, finally got to where I can pull along side, guy in the stang is picking up the pace a bit. All right I hear some louder exhaust sound, so I drop the hammer and easily pull on him. Then I slow down and get next to him and look over for a :tup: or something, nothing. He just goes again, well I let him run a bit then chase, 'cause traffic in my lane forces me to. I catch up to him, and he slows down a bit and just cruises at like 75, so I take my exit and go on my way.

Anyone know this Guy? I’d like to get in a clean run, and I hope he wasn’t really trying, otherwise that thing has to be a “fake” Saleen. :poke: Anyone with that plate shouldn’t be afraid of a rematch against a little rice burner. Maybe it should be I LOSE2U


Cliff notes: Got some not-so-clean runs in against a Saleen Stang (silver) with an I RACE U plate, he was lost, but like to give him a clean run just to make sure :wink:

hmmm…I know there is a yellow vert one that is fake in the tonawanda area…never seen the silver tho

lol nice “kill” x :tup:

there is a silver saleen by north tonawanda highschool, but i dont remember seeing that license plate

Saleen’s aren’t that fast, they are mostly just a nice body kit lol. I think the base one is just a little over 300 HP with it going up every 10,000 you can afford for the over priced stang

i’ve seen the fake yellow one, it is always on delaware in tonawanda . . . other than that, i’ve seen a real one, white in color at caputi’s. . . somebody on this former has to know it. G/L

i think jack and i ran into him a few months back. was it white? we rolled up next to him, jack lined up at the light, with me behind him, and he wouldnt pull up for a race. he just sat back from the line. we reved, yelled, and even waved for him to line up, but he wouldnt. maybe he was asleep?

I’ve seen this car… usually driven by 2 cute girls :lol: on Bennett in Cheektovegas. never seen a dude behind the wheel.

ive seen it around before. its slow :frowning:

Someone else tried to race him a while ago, with the same results (I don’t remember who) - but he didn’t want to race. :gotme:

isnt that the fake saleen that person lives in scraton (hamburg)… its got saleen stickers all over it… some girl drives it… its white… i belive the plates say IRACEU

This one was silver, I know the car you’re talking about and I think that one has out of state plates.


:bsflag:Sure you probably slowed down and got next to him, but we all know you had ur collar up and thumb down and out the window :tspry:

ROFFLE at work!! That’s what I need on a boring Saturday stuck in the office, thanks :smiley: !


lol “I RACE U” Saleen
So im driving back from Mighty with Twizted…and see a Saleen start chasing it and end up on zeehighway…start getting closer and notice the “I RACE U” plate…Twizted throws on the camera…

After I finally catch up with the guy who was flying thru the twistes and doing well above the speed limit…we get him to go from a 50-60mph roll…I let him jump out then hit it…Got on it pulled a few cars and let off

He gave me a

He did not want to race again after that

Video will be up tomorrow.

And barefoot…

I smoked that slow mustang a while back :lol:

wouldn’t race me either.

BTW - the silver one by NT High is an 05. There is another one across the street from NTHS and it is the NA one, I’m not sure about the “new” on that is closer to nash… haven’t challenged him yet

that guys a saleen salesman he has a different one every night

The guy that has the newer one close to Nash is a dealer, he brings different ones home all the time

corner of nash and meadow right?