kingsario> Red C5

Well on the road most traveled XXX, I meet up late late last night with a red C5. Tinted windows and exhaust, who knows what else. I paced him for a while then line up with him. Doing about 60mph I hear him slowly start to get on it, then he hit full throttle. He pulls a 1/2 car at first, I redline 3rd and pull about 1 car on him. 4th gear I put about 2 more cars on him. He would not line up again I give him the :TUP: but could not see if he gave it back :gotme:


I do have to admit, there is probably nothing better than beating a vette owner in a lowly civic and then not getting any reaction from him. Nice kill, Russ…

:word: way to put the hurt down

kinda funny I left my house last night just to go out for a short cruise and as I was on my way back he showed up. Car was really clean :tup: to who’s it was. I want to find a C6 now yummy :lickout:

whenever i go out for a short cruise all i can ever find are mustangs :gotme:

nice kill man. Your car moves pretty good (tup). I was gonna try to line up with you the other night, but got caught behind some Laser… The result would have been the same:( , but fun :slight_smile: + you were busy with some black car or somethin.:shrug:

lol yeah that laser kept me behind everyone. One thing I hate is doing runs that turn into a group chasing.

yeah…especially when theres an exit coming up :rofl:

awesome kill! TuP


Good kill

awesome…good kill brotha

HOLY SHIT! he is driving over the grass!!! LOL

yawns Anyone heard of a lawn job yawn




nice kill, pick on something your own size now

nice kill kid

grumbles G-damn hatches! ** grumbles **


good kill in yet another fast hatch