Muscle50 vs some old 70's Vette

Cruising past some taco joint just to see if some people were out to screw with, before I made my way back there. As I get about half way down the street I see the same old idiot that always drives by the taco joint and revs in his old vette, So i blow a U’y and chase him down. I’m pacing him, to see if he wants to play and of course he eggs me on (they all do). So we finally catch a light right in front of the infamous taco joint. He’s revving at me , I’m revving at him and the light goes green , I peeled a bit then hooked and pulled…ALOT. Now there wasn’t alot of room from where we raced to the next light but I figured he had enough, but no he wanted to go again…So being the good samaritan that I am , I handed him another complimentary ass whoopin. He gave me the thumbs up before I turned off.

Hey, for the love of the competition…

it’s not always about winning, it’s about display of power…


Nice kill, at least you :tup: 'd you

hahahaha…nice kill jess…

at least he was a good sport about it…and at least someone finally did something about that guy LOL

ya that was fun race to watch.

Like everyone else said, atleast he gave you the thumbs up. Alot of people dont after they instigate with you.

nice kill man

:tup: sounds like he was ass-king for it :headbang:


He whimpered out when I pulled up to him in the SS last year. :gotme:

That was about 2 hours after I whooped him with my all stock nasty 5.0 with the family in the car. lol


#1. good kill again
#2. how many times do u get pulled over in a given night? :lol:

Honestly hardly ever, and if I do get pulled over it’s for dumb shit like exhaust or no front plate…My Dad’s an Amherst cop, so they pretty much all know my car.

thats cool… good seeing u out tonight, car looked good as always, it was a shame i didn’t have my ride fixed yet… and shaun (irocz350ss) was alittle intimidated by ur pony lol then after u turned off he was pissed that he didn’t run you, ahh well there will be other times :tup:


yeah well between me not being confident in my ride, and me getting a ticket last night i wasnt about to get my ass handed to me then get a ticket.

um sure you were like wtf why isnt he doing anything! hahaha

A little bit