LarrySHOT's Boosted Ls Integra

well i turboed this car and depressingly coud not find out whats wrong with it…On 8 psi it only made 178 hp…there for i went out and bought another B18B1 motor and gonna build a fully built ls…

Block 74k miles ls crank machined for my rods
Manly Hbeam rods
wiseco 81.0mm 9.0:1 comp pistons

Head is a stock LS head with 74k
5 angle valve job
new stock valves
brian crower stage 2 ls turbo cams
brian crower dual valve springs
brian crower titanium retainers
blox intake manifold
precission 440 injectors
walbro 255 pump
ls trans open diff
3 inch turbo back
tuned on chrome

here are a few pics of the turbo setup now will add new pics of new motor when i get the cams and actually start tearing it apart

what turbo?

Not too sure yet I’m gettin a new tial waste and bov and prob gonna go with maye a gt30 cause eventually gonna upgrade injectors

sounds good just make sure you get a real garrett one

i been ordering all my stuff off of honda-tech through thmotorsports…i ordered my cams valve springs and retainers today 630 bucks for everything…the cams msrp was 499 i paid 315 and theres another dealer on there i been talking to about turbo’s was lookin at the garret super 60 for 599 shipped so im not sure what turbo to go with…cause i really dont have 1200 to spend on a turbo…

head is now in westnewton getting ported and polished for my valve train and cam assebly this week will have pics when i get it back

dont forget that I fixed your exhaust lol in the middle of the night

just giving you a little heads up. If you have already purchased 81mm pistons take your block to a machine shop and have them check the cylinders for trueness. If the cylinders are still round just cross hatch them. Proper engine building procedure is to bore .5mm on a rebuild. If any of your cylinders are out of round your will burn though rings.

Motor is good the one I’m rebuilding only has 70k miles on it

Larry, I have seen motors with 5k on them be more fucked that a motor with 170K with boost all its life.

i guess well see if it blows rings when i build it then my uncle said the motor looks fine and he builds 8 second cars

well that is fine, I was just stating it is worth getting them checked out.

i havent seen the block, i tore the head down for him, the other day, didnt look to bad,checking the block is always a good idea, we have dial bore guages if you want us to look over it, also b&r speed supply is right down the road im sure they could do it in a day, just a precautionary step. 30r would be a nice turbo, but there pricey,60-1 is where its at, best bang for the buck

well…it is a honda…:slight_smile:

I have the rest of the black interior pieces you need. Let me know if you need them.

Holeset FTW they are sitting here!

it would be like $150 to make the downpipe including the 4" Vband clamp and flange (they are like $50 from ATP)

its internally gated how would i make it external

you can either tack weld/or weld the flapper shut, or disconnect the actuator and put some sort of turnbuckle on there to tighten it shut.

Its very simple.
Holsets in the hy/hx35range are perfect!!!

just to be ont the sure safe side…when i tear my block apart ill bring it down jay so we can look at it

If I am not there and you want more convincing to pickup a holset, have jason give you my number, when I am done talking holset propaganda you will be driving straight over to joes to buy that thing.