leaking battery

jeep wont start this morning and theres a big trail of white running down the driveway from under the battery. i suspect everything leaked out already but i cant just throw it in the garbage can i?

take it to the parts store when u go to pick up the new one

by law they are required to take it

ive never handled a leaky battery, what should i put it in to drive it over there? i assume dumping it in a garbage bag wont be good enough

ehh idunno

is it still dripping acid?

idk i havent disconnected it yet

Leaking batterys are quite common especially on GM vehicles. Side post terminals like to melt out. If you have a side post battery don’t be surprised if the terminal comes out attached to the battery cable when you try to remove it.:slight_smile:

its not a GM vehicle, its a jeep, top post.

I know, I was using GM as an example. Other manufacturers use side post as well.

As for leaking top post, maybe overcharged or just a plain and simple bad battery. Good luck