Left lane is for passing, GTFO!


Of my way! When someone comes up behind you waits for you to pass the car in the right lane, then flashes you when the lane has been clear for half a mile, MOVE THE FUCK OVER! Don’t accelerate away and then slow down, and when I catch you, don’t brake check me, just put on your right blinker, and change lanes so I can pass you!




when people do that to me i slow down to like 20 to piss them off even more


Why not just move over asshole?


Word. when they try to go around thats when Mr. boost kicks in.

i hit brad.(brads__240)

That’s when I take the lane, if your next to me you have 2 choices, bail or get sideswiped.


hahaha what kindda car do you drive? im normally a very curtious driver , even if the whole damn 4 lane is open with no traffic i still use my turn signals…but when someone comes hauling ass uop along side me i goose on er a lil

i hit brad.(brads__240)

i agree with eMKay, ur always supposed to be driving in the right lane UNLESS you are in the act of passing. Even if im doing 85 on the thruway i still pass and move back to the right lane if theres a decent amount of space there.


I was driving my tow/winter pig, Plymouth Voyager, so it’s not like it attracts assholes. This particular asshole was just a kid and didn’t know any better, probably had no idea what the lanes are there for…Which by the responses to my post also affects people on this board.

i hit brad.(brads__240)

Its depends on the guy, if its a dude weaving and cutting people off no signals or anything i will make his live miserable. If its a dude just trying to go straight but faster than me I’ll usually try to get out of the way.


I’ll agree with you there.


If you are NOT PASSING somebody, you should NOT be in the left lane. If you slow down to 20 while in the left lane YOU ARE AN IDIOT. The only time I brake check or slow down for somebody riding my ass in the passing lane (passing people) is if I have somebody infront of me. Hence i can’t go anywhere and refuse to forfit my posistion so some ass hat can get infront of me only to be stuck behind the person I was just following.


why’s this a kill story. this post is lame

East End - Kennedy Commons [Tuesday nights]



ALSO, doing 56MPH in a 55MPH zone doesn’t merit being in the passing lane while nobody is in the center lane.

because he wants to kill someone.


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Yep, there’s a reason why the left lane is called the PASSING lane. However I do get a kick out of retards that think a 4 lane surface street works the same as a highway.

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In Germany they will fine you for driving like that, and not just a little bit either.

I can’t imagine if I was a cop, I’d write tickets for all that stupidity. Like the people that stand in the road 'cause they are in line for the Tim Hortons Drive thru, or Pull out somehow that makes other drivers have to put on their brakes. shit like that.




Holy Main St., Williamsville.


Right lane - Speed limit -> 10 over

Left lane - Passing or 15 to 20 over.

Say goodbye to the "lot"