Left lane is for passing, GTFO!


I just don’t like when somebody rides in the right lane. It makes merging quite a task. Then, of course, they must speed up if they see others attempting to merge. It makes me want to break down in tears and then make a thread over it while licking the tears off the keyboard.


life is rough.


i pass on the right all the time for this very reason.

i just follow suit like the rest of the asshole drivers in nj

clunking sound

Yep, I’ll roll up behind someone, give them a few seconds to move on their own, and if they don’t I’ll give them a single flash of the highs. If they still don’t move over, and there is no reason for them to be in the left lane I’ll shoot around on the right and make sure to merge back in front plenty early… like withing a foot or so, hoping to convince the left lane blocker that maybe they’re in the wrong place. Yes, I know it’s wrong, but those people piss me off more than anything else on the highway.

Say goodbye to the "lot"

Exactly. I wasn’t really thinking when I posted it in “kill stories” though. It should have been OT

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I drove across Germany and France this summer, the French are even better at it than the Germans. I drove probably 1200 miles and it was a relaxing and fun trip, I can’t drive for 10 miles here without getting all aggrivated.


drives me nuts when people just cruise in the left lane… i pass on the right…then get back in the left lane…so maybe they know to get the fuck over…

i need one of those dry erase boards in my car to write messages to them.

Say goodbye to the "lot"
Say goodbye to the "lot"


Its not a, “Oh, well I’ll be passing the guy a few miles ahead in a minute, so I’ll stay in the left lane…”

If you are in the left lane any longer then to pass, I hope the worst for you. Seriously. Same with people who don’t use blinkers, and don’t turn on their lights in rain. DIAF.


Like the people that stand in the road 'cause they are in line for the Tim Hortons Drive thru, or Pull out somehow that makes other drivers have to put on their brakes. shit like that.



and all 3 hortons in hamburg.

& the hortons in EA.

something bout them timbits.

I heart Rota

I’d hate to see what happens if someone cuts you off. :o

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Whole lotta road rage up in hur…


lol. Probably nothing except me raising my arms, going “what?”

I feel strongly about “courtesy” traffic laws. (written and unwritten)





By Christopher Solomon
In these days of longer commutes and simmering tempers, nothing seems to set off already-testy motorists like the left-lane camper – the guy or gal who drives in the passing lane and bars faster drivers from easily passing. Web sites have cropped up to educate other drivers, or to vent. There’s a (somewhat painful) YouTube song called “Keep Right.”
Even bigwigs get frustrated. Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell, weary of having his limo slowed down by such left-lane pokies, ordered an aide to have the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission install signs a few years ago reading “Keep Right, Pass Left. It’s the Law.”
And now some states are cracking down on left-lane campers, both to keep traffic moving and to tamp down the road rage that goes from zero-to-60 faster than ever before.

That’s not just a pretext. Last year, a driver was arrested on Interstate 79 outside Pittsburgh after allegedly brandishing a semiautomatic pistol at a driver who was on his tail. You could get a ticket

Some states didn’t allow left-lane lingering but didn’t enforce the law. Now they are.

At the start of the summer, the Washington State Patrol began pulling people over for violating the state’s left-lane law, which prohibits “impeding the flow of other traffic.”

“This a real big hot-button topic for the public at large right now,” says Trooper Cliff Pratt. “We’ve had a lot of complaints” from drivers who’ve had to deal with left-lane campers.
So far authorities have been gentle with the $124 ticket; the drivers stopped were given verbal warnings.



I would LOVE to see them start cracking down on it around WNY. It’s not as bad as Ohio, but a lot of people in WNY seem to have the left lane complex


god i really hope they start cracking down on this. The traffic around here really is not that bad however it could be so much better in a few spots.


back roads in texas, on 2 lane roads if you pull up behind someone they will pull over and let you go by 80% of the time. it’s another world down there


+1 it would be great


My biggest pet peeve is when I pass a police officer who is sitting in the median with his/her radar ON, and he or she is SLEEPING.

I’ve personally witnessed this on the thruways around here,.


LOL… I’m surprised they don’t just wake up for you


I have passed a few a little faster than I should have and I was glad they were sleeping