Left lane is for passing, GTFO!


I figured you would call that a good day…




I may or may not have u-turned on my bike and sped by them at XXX mph to see what happens…nothing…


I ride those left lanes like a little girl on a pony.


The VERY first day I got my permit, i had my 5 hour in lockport. I had to drive on the 90 and 290 during rushhour, and my dad scolded me about driving in the left lane.
I don’t even like it when people drive fast in the left lane. If you are doing 80 mph and there is no one to pass…move over to the right lane.

left lane for PASSING only.


Maybe they should start cracking down on tailgaters first. I hate that shit. Why the fuck does someone need to be driving up my ass when it’s 7:45am on the 190, and it’s packed with cars anyway?
I especially love when people drive like asshats in order to pass someone with inches of clearance, just so that they can be the very next car in traffic. Idiots…


If your in the left lane, and not passing, yes i will ride the shit out of your bumper. You can do your same slow speed in the middle and right lane with everyone else. Some people wana fuckin move, and your in the way. You have the right to drive slow, I have the right to see how close I can get to your bumper. You also have the right to brake check, but I have the right to sue. Gotta love the USA.


? how can you sue when you are following too closely. good luck with that one.

and down on rt 17 the road is smoother in the left lane so i stay in that lane until i see someone then i move over to let them pass


The main problem is people are fucking stupid.

They dont give a fuck about other drivers. If they want to drive on someone’s ass, they will. They could total several vehicles that way, they arent going to learn shit.

And the left lane is just another lane to most people. They have no idea that slower traffic moves on the right.

What pisses me off is when i PASS people on the right, and often im doing under the speed limit. Theyre over there chillin in the passing lane doing 55 in a 65, when i ‘blow’ by them doing 62 in a 65, in the middle lane. That shouldn’t even be possible. Stupid ignorant drivers make it possible.


Anyone can sue anybody for any reason.

Thats the magic of the US.

Was your coffee too hot? SUE! Ignorant assholes.


they have no idea because they are the slow traffic. lol.

and just because you sue doesnt mean you’ll win


I can understand how people go slow due to them not feeling safe at 65+… I have been in a POS with a incompetent driver at 70, its fucking scary. Simple solution, go on roads with lower speed limits.


i love when people ride my ass, a simple brake check makes them shit their pants


most people just drive like fucking cocksuckers and should be killed accordingly


Oh yeah?

If I’m in heavy traffic, and I don’t want to be 2 inches away from the person ahead of me, that doesn’t give the person behind me the right to be a complete fucking retard by staying on my ass the whole way. What the fuck good is it going to do? That is the mentality that causes so many people to crash every year. Fucking retards.

And no, I don’t have the right to brake check. That’s called reckless driving. I would hate to see your driving “skills.”


last summer i passed someone one day on 104, i saw them yelling and screaming and waving their arms around so i slammed on my brakes and let them catch up to me, then they tried to pass me and i sped up and didnt let them. lol

ten mins later i was pulled over for 64 in a 55. lol


Bump for potential Ohio law, although it might be a bit flawed:

“Ohio would make it illegal to stay in a highway’s left lane if not passing or exiting”


It is already in most states, it just is not enforced.


So hope this happens everywhere! Get so annoyed with dbags not moving over on the 219, along with one person this past trip talking on her cellphone doing under the speedlimit on the left lane blocking me from passing because shes going perfect speed with the car a bit ahead in the right lane.


I’m all for it.