Let's Talk 5G


It’s coming. Anyone know what service provider will have it first?

Clearly Spectrum is working towards it by adding wireless service.

I’ve read that it’s going to be a huge capital expense on providers, who might not roll it out too quickly.

Also read that weather (like there snow we’re having today) can weaken 5G signals…



AT&T has fake 5G right now but that’s marketing only. I would think the big dogs would have it first, in select markets, because they have the denser tower infrastructure. The higher MHz frequencies suck at penetrating buildings and such, so that’s probably the weather issue. The first roll outs are going to be the fixed 5G installations in homes and businesses, because either you get the signal there or you don’t and they won’t sell it to you. Full scale penetration, especially in rural or mountainous areas, is gonna take forever.


Hummmmmm. I’d love to have a wireless 5G router and run my whole house from just that. Literally cut the cord off my house because it looks like shit, lol


Would definitely be nice and stop situations like where FiOS is one block from your house for years but they won’t run the wire down your street. I assume it would be tied to data caps and/or throttling because no way they want people blowing up 4K netflix 20 hours a day. I wonder if the fixed service would also be geotagged or fixed to a certain tower for load balancing and to prevent people from taking their “home” service everywhere they go?


I’d like to think with 5G service providers wouldn’t differentiate. So if you have a 5G account with Verizon it wouldn’t matter if you used a 5G phone or home device. One bill, one bucket of data.



All companies are working towards having some sort of wireless offerings for home to replace cable/fiber…why? Because of the massive cost associated with wiring and powering(in the case of coax) the build outs.

I highly doubt there will a data bucket model for home use it’s sorta to late for that unless the number is something huge.


This stuff again…

SUPERFAST broadband could be a global catastrophe, kill wildlife, give people terminal diseases and cause the Earth’s magnetic field to change, according to shock claims by a technology expert.


The WHO said there has been no evidence of detrimental effects caused by mobile phones despite studies conducted over two decades.

Good excuse, lol:

Firstenberg received a BA in mathematics from Cornell University in 1971 and then went to medical school from 1978 to 1982. But he did not complete medical school because of illness, which he claims was due to electromagnetic hypersensitivity cause by getting over 40 diagnostic dental x-rays.


“Dental xrays are totally safe. Now let me toss this giant led vest on you while I retreat a block away to press the xray button”


Nice try Apple / AT&T


Curious what my Fios 5G is? I have the quantum modem/router they offer. I get both a normal internet wifi and one with the -5G at the end of it. I’m assuming this isn’t fully 5G?


@yamba6 I’m not sure what your FIOS speeds are compared to 5G, but it’s not on your mobile phone independent of your wifi.