Long Island Trip


yeah, ez-pass is a HUGE time saver. I couldn’t believe it when I got it.

Which way do you take? Down to Jersey, over the GWB, and then over the Throgs Neck?


i love my ez pass. cross bronx expwy is CRAZY. i was just down there last week(NYC). i know a few people down in the deerpark area… dudes are nuts down there.


no i dont like that way.

i go all the way down 87, over the tapenze, over the trogs and a few other misc bridges and then hit the suck highway.


How do you not have ez pass lol.


i’ve driven down with him, deffinitly possible. not even that hard to do.


I take 87 over the Tappan Zee, bear left after bridge to 287, then do down the sprain brook pkwy that turns into the bronx river parkway, get off onto the cross bronx expressway and jump right on to the throgs neck, then take the cross island pkwy to the LIE or GCP depending on traffic


I’ve driven to levittown during 5pm rush hour traffic… took just over 3 hours from albany to levittown, and that included one piss stop as well. I cruised at 75mph the whole way, with a short burst to 140 when this 350z was begging to have his ass handed to him…:eek3


Yep. Right on.


basicly what i do i think.


its on the way.


Berlin Turnpike in Newington CT FTW


ok so theres actually a few people interested in next weekend. You people were bitching about cruises, anybody that wants to go with us should all drive down in a group.


I’ll drive down and lead the pack, but you guys better have your own directions with you. I don’t want anyone slowing me down. I drive at my own pace.


what time do you guys plan on going?


I get out of work at 6 next Friday… I’d be willing to roll out right from my job, we’ll be there around 9.


and leaving when?


287 FTW. by far the quickest and easiest way to get to fordham


That’s up to everyone else… I’m gonna stay in my old hood until Sunday evening, lol


Long Island Express ftl… i almost get hit every time.
The bridge going from the bronx to queens needs to be fixed. Shits been under constrution for YEARS and its getting annoying everytime i go down.


The LIE is the most direct route on LI. It’s straight, flat, and almost 6 lanes wide if you count the shoulders. You can go really fast on it, you just need to know when do be on it.

There’s 2 of them… Whitestone or Throgs Neck? They recently started construction on the LI side of the Throgs Neck Bridge, but almost every bridge in the tri-state area in under construction year round.