Man arrested for Trump 2020 Sign

Well not quite just that, but still bullshit. I read the story and started a gofundme for the guy. The story is in the link.

It’s not bullshit, he defaced public property. Stupid is as stupid does.

It has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with a dumbass making dumbass decisions.

The punishment seems a bit severe for something that could have easily been handled internally, but what a dumbass doing something like that at work.

I’d agree with you if the truck wasn’t going in for paint and that what he “defaced” was a $10 piece of wood that is sacrificial. He wouldn’t have been arrested had he nicked it with the front loader and destroyed it. Add to it the cost to the public…to me it seems more political than status quo. If it were status quo we’d be reading about more people being arrested for defacing property.

Damaging something by accident in the course of doing your job (your hitting it by accident with the front end loader example) vs defacing it with no intent other than defacing it is not remotely the same.

Yes, it’s $10 and a wear item so it shouldn’t have gone past a slap on the wrist at work and making him pay for the materials + labor time to undo his “art” but by the letter of the law it’s defacing property and I can’t feel too bad for the dumbass for not seeing this would not go over well.

This will be interesting to see how it plays out.

link says campaign not found…

It was canceled by gofundme because of “breach of terms”, specifically conditions of use. I’ve read through all their terms three times now and can’t see what the campaign violated. I’ve reached out to gofundme with no answer yet.

What an idiot. It’s amazing what politics brings out in people.

This pisses me off a lot more than the guy in Cheektowaga getting in trouble.

probably because you are not allowed to support people who support the president.

Still no response from Gofundme as to what was wrong with the campaign…

Try contacting Fox News about it. This is the kind of thing they’d love to run a story on.

I agree, I sent them an email yesterday with all the info and screenshots of the campaign before it was taken down by GoFundMe. So far just an automated response. I cant see any of the local outlets touching the story.

Maybe WBEN, but the rest I doubt.

Could always try sending Rush a tweet.

Don’t have twitter or social media :frowning: Deleted it all the last election lol.
I’ll try a couple more outlets today including WBEN.

Hmmm… Pro Trump, deleted social media after the election. YOU’RE A RUSSIAN BOT!!!


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Call WBEN as @JayS stated. Baurlee and Belavia may support this.

Assuming you can get past the CIA agents with invisibility shields Baurlee says are staked out in his front yard. He probably thinks they’re gone now that Obama is out of office though.

More concerned with the lumanati