Muscle50 vs 05 C6

So we’re hangin out at “the taco joint” talking about my race and that young tool that drives that loud ass C6 drives by with his buddies both in trans ams and rev at us, so seeing as I was in a giving mood I decided to keep on giving. I chased them all the way down this one street and finnally caught up with them about 5 miles down the road. As we all got on a three lane street the TA’s and the Vette get on it, so I kinda just pace them all, keeping my cool until the time was right. Finally a light goes red and the 2 TA’s move over so the Vette could tear me apart. I get next to him and he revs at me and smiles so I rev back he stops smiling. Light goes green and got him outta the hole by about a car then hit second pull some more, hit third kept pulling, to add insult to injury i hit fourth and stayed in it. He pulls up next to me after he finally catches up and starts throwing excuses at me then asks me how much horse I got, So i gave him the most honest answer I could…IT’S STOCK!!!


so many kills…this one was funny though :tup:

hahahaha, its good to hear you actually caught him.

lol, note to self :

don’t pick on this mustang…


… yet :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha thats pretty funny

you beat me too the C6 aaahhhhhhrrrrrrr :good kill:

ahahah its stock:tup:

u should run OrangeIroc his NA 2 Your Bottle :slight_smile:

hey good idea brian, maybe u could toss me some money for a new tranny first fagor!

good kill again jesse, i seen them kids up at starbucks walking around all cocky like they got the baddest cars on the planet, good to no they got shamed

very nice kill…

i think i need a built motAr before i can tangle with teh c6 :smiley:

And some Stage 3 weight reduction, fatty!

check your evo thread b00bicunt! :bloated:

j/k :smiley:

nice kill

are you asking to be pimp slapped? i posted this b4 your POS took a shit :slight_smile:

:tup: Jesse

:tspry: :word:

hmm just curious but does anyone know what the regular C6s are supposed to run? Ive heard 115 traps is that accurate?

me thinks i need to have a go with the muskle5.0hn0 soon, as long as his tranny is functioning this time :wink:

HAHAHAHA Its all good now!