Need inspection help on Fri

I am a newbie on here I know but I am a long time member of wnyfbody/newyorkfbody

I have a 98 Firebird that wont pass NYSI due to “non safety” issues

The car has no SES and is fine besides the above mentioned issue

I live in the WNY southtowns (Hamburg area) and am looking for a hook-up

I have no problem hooking someone up with some $$

I have the same user name on the F body sites if you want to make sure I am not the DMV or some BS

Feel free to PM with details to keep it discrete

Thanks in advance!

wont pass in computer? or the visual?

No it will pass the computer fine, its the visual aspect of it, or lack there of : )

hrm… join date march 2007, posts 2… good luck getting a hookup!

ummm yeah thats why I posted
“I am a newbie on here I know but I am a long time member of wnyfbody/newyorkfbody”

Its ok man, someone will figure out my moneys still green:headbang:

how aobut a specific reason you car will not pass.

like i don’t have any cats.
I removed my air pump
i removed my egr but tuned it out.

PM me … I have someone for ya

umm all those reasons actually :smiley:

There are no cats (pacesetter lts , TSP Ory , O2 sims), no air, no egr, the pcm is tuned no SES light, passed last year under the same conditions, my hook up moved shops and dosent have a NYSI computer at his new shop

And like I said everything else passes, having new tires (Goodyear Eagles front and MT ET Streets rear) put on tomorrow, even the parking brake works

pm sent to BDR5oh

i can vouch , long time wnyfbody newyorkfbody member

Still looking

50 smackers plus the cost of a NYSI to whoever can help me out

Good luck, I hope you find somebody. I know the feeling.

This is why when I modded my current car, I made sure to keep all the emissions/EGR stuff. The power gains from removing them are minimal at best, and it’s just not worth the hassle during inspection time in NYS.

These days, you have to take more into account when modding your car than speed alone.

Do older cars not have to go through such detailed inspections? Because I’m pretty sure the places I’ve gone just look to make sure my lights are all working, my brakes aren’t spongy and my wheels aren’t going to fall off.

Anything pre- 1995 (OBDI) typically doesn’t have thse issues for inspection.

Oooh, well that explains things. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I do have a lead but nothing for sure yet…
I didnt pull the emissions stuff, the guy I bought it from did

I might eventually get a Y pipe with high flow cats and ditch the ORY

It is a hassle…

ugh… :frowning:

on the plus side I dont have to kick myself in the ass for it , wish he were here to kick lol

you can try one of the valvoline’s, last i checked very few inspectors do there job properly. mayb 3 out of 16 stores