Need some help

Ok well first off i dont need the drama saying the car blew up whatever ect. here is what happend so today i pulled the intake mani off turbo pipeing anything pretty much turbo related cause it was so buried under everything. But the turbo is blown. Im wondering if anyone know’s where i can get it rebiult or if i should just go with a diffrent turbo setup. Let me know guys and keep the drama out of the thread thanks.

it is possible to rebuild turbos. there are companies that do just that, but from researching for my own vehicle it turns out its cheaper to buy a new one(even if its oem or slightly larger) than to pay to get the existing one rebuilt.

well i have someone coming over to make sure it is deff blown befor i do anything.

i wanted to get mine rebuilt to k04 specs, but judging by the amount of time it will cost a person or a company to rebuild mine, including shipping costs and shipping delays and installation it’s cheaper to buy two new k04’s for me and to just get those in with some fresh lines. make sure its completely toast, because if it just has a bad blade or something, it can be fixed cheaper than a new one. find out for sure before buying a whole new one. if yours is completely bad, you can prolly sell it for parts and at least get some cash for it.

dom I would price out a used GT series turbo.

go big or go home

Go Garrett!

Buy whatever turbo puts you the furthest into debt

Precision billet wheel or if you are stock flange… look at FP.

theres a new turbo parts place right off exit 10 in CP…I bet they could rebuild it for ya

Just check on a Subaru forum for an OEM turbo. These guys are swapping their stockers out all of the time, so I don’t think it’ll be any problem finding one, and this way you’ll save money, won’t have to worry about re-mapping your ECU, getting larger injectors, etc. etc… Unless you want to spend all of that money.

Already has an upgraded turbo. Dom, I was just thinking… call FP and see if they will take yours as a core or if they will rebuild it. It is an OEM turbo of some sort right?

Dom… this ^^^^^^ is literally what seamus told you to do last night

Also call Blouch Turbo. They have a website as well. They rebuild/upgrade turbos, especially for the STI/EVO crowd.

Ok murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdogggg no but the turbo in my car is a sz49 superzilla made by deadbolt im taking the turbo off tomorrow and bringing it to synapse to see if it is blown just to make sure.

then call the deadbolt people

sorry to hear it man! i was really only busting your balls in the other thread, didn’t actually expect anything to happen :frowning: Good luck getting it back together soon man! having a car down sucks superdick.

Yeah call Deadbeat. I heard he is good with these.

I did they dont make the turbos any more there number is some girls number i emailed them to.I dont think they are in biusness.

You may be better off buying a new one. Look around on nasioc for another direct bolt on turbo that is similar in size to yours