Need some opinions

I’m writting a paper on “why we want it”, it’s going towards how americans in general want things that they DON’T need.
For example, No mom needs a 3 ton SUV to drive to the gym and take the kids to the school.

Or, no guy NEEDS a 630 hp corvette zr-1. but we buy this stuff because WE can.
If you look at countries in europe or other places, people buy things that they NEED only, hence why you will see so many 2000 lb VW polos driving around that get 50 mpg. Because they know (europeans) that they don’t need 500 hp to do their daily commute.
Basically what I need is a few peoples words saying why they love buying a 400 hp car, or a 60 inch tv when a 27" will do just fine, or going and buying a $80 dinner when a $5 dinner will fill you just as much.
This is NOT a knock towards anyone or any believes, just want to get some peoples opinions!

people who think a 27’ tv will do havent watched lesbian porn on a 60 inch tv with their girlfriend hahaha.

My reason for driving a 400hp car, over a 70hp fuel efficent car, is souly this.
I already have to pay to drive, gas insurance maitnence ect.
I feel if im paying to drive, I should have a vehicle I can enjoy to the fullest extent.
Also a vehicle that can double duty at the drag strip, so I can drive it there, and not have to register / own a truck n trailor aswell.
Plus I just like the way a built 350 sounds :D.

When I took Spanish, my teacher would always comment on how competitive Americans are. We compete with everything, even our jobs and careers. We always want to climb that ladder and be better than the next guy. Once you are excelling, you have that money, so why not spend it on things you like?

Thanks guys! need more responses like this!

Do Your own homework?

Ok, I’m not going to worry about spell in the responce so please forgive.

BUT…exactly as you say, they buy that stuff because then CAN. America is so based on a social statis of some sort that in the back of every single person’s mind that does this buying because they can stuff bumps them up a notch or two in the social life. also if people are making money, and have their ( that the right thie/ere? )NEEDs covered why not buy something you will enjoy. the strain of this fast pace/ asshole / stuck up / lack of respect country is just grown itself into more and more free time with more money. should I have gotten more punshment as a kid? probably, but now you can’t even raise your voice or your a possible threat to someone, so when daddy gets pissed at you he gets in his 600HP vette and leaves. what is the point of having free time + money?
yes i think people should slow down and get out in the woods and fields more, one day they will NEED the knowlage to just live again. when finally this fast pace world crashes.

I could really ramble on ALOT more, but I’m not sure if any of this helps

my homework is to gather a bunch of different peoples opinions.
I’m not cheating :rant:

Consumerists are the crack addicts of the suburbs.

All of this can be boiled down to a few lines. It is often typical for Americans to spend money they do not have on things they do not need to impress people they do not like. Such is the story of life in these United States.

But, I have to make this into 6 pages…

Thats gonna be tough. I had to do a paper on Body Dysmorphic Disorder in the Unites States. It was the worst.

I don’t even know where it begins, to be honest. Strange shit. I was reading this article today in Men’s Health Living, it was an editorial, guy had a wife who liked to ‘pay it forward’, accrue debt, then they would figure out later how to afford & pay for things. I have no idea how the fuck this even got in the goddam magazine in the first place.

People frequently lack the long-term thought processes that lead to informed purchases. There’s much research that states that the adult male brain does not fully develop, specifically areas controlling long-term thought processes - until the age of 25. While it’s difficult to train yourself to do this… : most books on personal finance begin with the tenet that you absolutely have to prioritize, in writing, what you want to do with your money & where it is actually going on a month-to-month basis. Goes back to the saying that if you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t.

Most people don’t take the time to get to know themselves and their priorities well enough to effectively budget, and only get the things they need and fulfill a couple wants along the way. Our American culture is highly individualized, and as a result - highly competitive. Collectivist nations lack this competition. I feel that the American competitive nature leads to our ‘financial fronts’ that we see out at the bars, driving around town, and swaggering about in clothes and lifestyles financed on credit.

very nicely put ^