need wheel bearings replaced

my rear passenger side wheel bearing is shot. it sounds like a tank once i go on the highway
we tried to take it out with a 3ton puller but it wouldnt move an inch. the tool actually broke.
i need someone whos willing to do this for me. i have the part. its basically rusted into one piece with the hub.
ive tried several shops and they dont want to touch the car :idiots


You’re pretty much fucked :lol

What kind of car is it? Is it the ones that are pressed in hub?

remember when i said it was the problem and jiggs said your a ****** dumb****. Turns out it needed to be replaced 100k ago lol.

Well I’ve got laundry to do, maybe we can work something out.

? :lol

joe jiggs


nice pete… :crackup

After the epic fail on Rami’s MR2, he says he will never work on another person’s car again.

:wtf, who’s going to build my Integra???

been there, done that.

turns out it was the biggest mistake of all time.

:idiots :idiots :idiots

Just noticed the number… nice

97 eclipse gsx.
and yes. it has to be pressed in

Inline Performance … just done mine, great job!


sweet. ill stop by tomorrow.

how much did they charge you per?

Inline FTW. They’re putting on my JDM Borla’s on Tues. Dave started up his Supra upon request :lol

Hourly charge depending on the car and labor, call him up and tell him Vlad send ya


Also make sure you tell him, that it won’t be like the Subaru, he’ll know :lol

alright ill make sure i tell him


I could get that bearing in and out for ya if inline won’t. It would have to be Sunday, trying to finish up my CRX first. lmk