New addition - diesel round 2


After owning and really enjoying my VW Touareg V10 TDI for a full decade, it was time to move on. The Touareg got me hooked on diesel for towing as well as not having to hit the pump often. Options have been pretty limited with the whole VW/Audi/Porsche (Dodge/Jeep next) diesel scandal. Thus far, LR hasn’t been in the crosshairs although I won’t be surprised if it’s just matter of time. Thanks to Russ aka @kingsario for making the entire process extremely easy. I picked this diesel Range Rover Sport up yesterday and am pretty pleased with the long overdue upgrade. It should be going for a detail and Xpel within the week.







*King of R&B claim only valid in Zambia


Nice rep. :tup:


Nice ride(s)!!!

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Nice, what can these tow?



Perhaps the diesel engine’s biggest advantage over the gasoline version is that it’s perfect for towing. You’ll have to add the $900 tow package to do so, but having 443 lb.-ft. of torque available so low in the RPM range means it’s rated to tow a maximum of 7,716 pounds. That’s not enough to compete with heavy-duty pickup trucks, but it’s plenty to bring the new jet skis to your lake house, take your sailboat down to Cape Cod for the weekend, tow your horses, or do whatever else it is that Range Rover owners might want to do.

jet skis to your lake house

jet skis to your lake house

jet skis to your lake house


this is true.

josh did it first so it IS a rep.


All reps all the time. :tup:




Rebadged Ford Escape, VW Beetle, and 350Z with body kit.


:tup: if these don’t disappear one of these will be my next car after my explorer, great pick up


Nice grab, Sam…you keep stepping it up like this, and there won’t be anywhere else to go…


If I kept the VW much longer I might end up not being able to get anywhere at all…


what do you tow?


Featherlite open trailer typically and now I need to get some jetskis to match @Onyx_Z32.


When ever I see weird foreign car towing capacities like 7716 lbs I go to google and convert it to kg. Yep, it’s a nice even 3500 kg.


The tow package is pretty sweet. Changes shift points, self levels, etc. once the trailer is hooked up. I have no problems pulling the boat/trailer, and have the same 7716 rating.