New addition - diesel round 2


Cool shot…


Who’s doing the Xpel? I see Northtown Lexus and Rainbow Glass are authorized dealers/installers? I’m interested in having the front end of my vehicle done.


I know Sheer Luxe Detailing does it as well.


See below.



Congrats Sam!

He didn’t do a good job on my front bumper and a recent GTR over the summer he completely fucked I heard. However he did come back to redo mine several times but I basically had to beg him. I’m not 100% happy with the job he did but for the price I paid I can’t complain. He did put knife marks in my front bumper as well. His detail work is really good but that’s all I can really say.



Speaking of, you still need to drive the GT500 and I need to drive a GT-R


Thanks for the input. He’s supposed to do Xpel tomorrow.



Just a few pics. I don’t want to hijack your thread.


fyi those front bumpers are a total PITA, ive yet to see one that didnt have a couple blemishes


I get that and that’s why I’m not too upset about it but I didn’t expect cuts in my actual bumper; kind of defeats the purpose. Also he shouldn’t have claimed he could do the work if he couldn’t. It is what it is.


Congrats on getting rid of the Touareg.

Also a Big :tup: to @kingsario. I picked up an XC90 for the wife this summer, and after A LOT of BS from Audi Financial services on our trade in, Russ made it all happen.



Update after ceramic pro and Xpel. No complaints so far.



Wow. It’s been a decade. I remember when you bought that thing. Time flies.


Just curious why you wouldn’t wait till spring to get a detail on a car I’m assuming you’re going to DD in the salt and muck for the next few months?


Because it is now protected from that salt and muck.



Didn’t realize they were more than just detailing.


^^ Create a login and have fun :tup:


So which one of us is doing this first?

5mpg Improvement, 311hp, 541ft-lbs


Might have to be me.