New addition - diesel round 2


Not bad for $500 really


Agreed. I’m looking for reviews and can only find feedback for diesel BMWs in the US.


Once I’m out of warranty (soon) I’ll probably get this. I at least want an IIDTool.


Couple minor updates. I added a JL sub since the factory system was severely lacking. I also put Nokkians on for Winter and plastidipped the wheels. Once I figure out the best option, a tune will be next.


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This is one thing I’m getting, not including tune:


Looks awesome


Related. Staged, but related:


That’s pretty cool. I drove mine over the corner of a snowbank in my driveway to get the mail without exiting the car. It was also pretty exhilarating.



I drove mine in the rain yesterday…thrill of a lifetime.


lol, but you guys could climb a shit ton of Chinese stairs if you wanted to.


But I would have to transport it to China first…seems like a poor investment.

Does it climb american stairs as well?


Further testing would be needed.


Any longer-term update on the reliability of that tune? :face_with_monocle:


So far, so good. You’ve driven in it so you know what it feels like. I’d so it doesn’t deliver any of the claimed MPG gains. As far as reliability, there’s nothing (negative) to report and I have at least 10k miles since the tune.