New bumper for WRX? ...with PICS :(

I posted this on Buffalo Scooby as well but this is regarding my wagon…

So…I need a new bumper. Heading home from work last Friday it was pitch black on a curved unlit onramp. The combination of the rain, dark, and other cars merging into my lane caused me to not spot something that had fallen off a truck until it was too late.

BAM - I hit it at about 50mph. Whatever it was, glanced off the right corner of my car. I had no choice but to keep going seeing as it was an onramp from the 290 to 190 and being unlit makes it a dangerous place to stop.

So I surveyed the damage after getting off the road. The pass side of the bumper is smashed to hell, the side section which meets the fender is popped off and the fog lamp housing is gone. All the lights are operational still.

Long story short, I need a new bumper and probably some other things depending on how much damage there is under the cover. Anyone know what a new bumper costs? I likely won’t claim this with my insurance. I wish I knew what I hit so I could find out who it belonged to and make them liable for it, but I don’t think I can at this point.

I looked up some threads on NASIOC and I saw that the dealer was charging $250 for a front bumper cover on an '06 STI.

This is not what I need right before I close on my new house.

The seam here between the bumper and fender was gaping. I managed to stuff the bumper cover back into the right position.

ebay? junkyards?

Junkyards (at least around here) will get me no where I am sure.
Ebay might be a possibility, but I want to be sure I get an OEM replacement.

250 for an oem bumper cover sounds good to me :gotme:

But if you want used, Nasioc is probably your best option. and maybe you can find it painted blue already.


too bad you have an 06, Id give you my 05 wrx bumper for free

If there is one oem part I dont see going on forums, its bumpers… good luck finding one, ill keep my eyes open. I guess blue would be the most easy to find though.

body kitz yo,

If you need a 06 replacement, I know someone that works at a dealership… maybe get you a discounted price

ugh sorry to hear jay, good luck with getting it fixed.

Thanks. I would think a dealership would be the best bet but I don’t know if all of them do body work. Is this person SI01? I know he works at Northtown which is where I go for service.

or try calling parts channel… they are located in tonawnda and carry alot of OEM quility aftermarket replacments… the might have it… got nothing to lose

I know Jeff… not him. PM sent

Where is newman?

Didn’t he fuck up his bumper on the drift meets curb incident?

im pretty sure he just ran it through insurance cus he messed up his wheel or suspension too.

you can get the bumper from northtown and they also do bodywork too (I wouldnt say it was cheap though)

lmk if SI01 cant/doesnt want to get it for you, I have an employee discount also

Don’t let northtown do your body work. WORST EVER



Yeah but I was wondering if he knew what the bumper charge was.

You got it.

pm 943kgt…

Damn only 250 for a brand new bumper cover. That’s cheap. 600 bucks for a bumper cover on the evo and 250 for the lip.