New guy from Saratoga

Hey guys!
New guy here from Saratoga. Been browsing through the site before but figured i would jump on board today. My name is Jake. I picked up this 2000 s2k project car the end of November and have been working on it so it’s good to go by the end of spring. Bought it after the owner hydroplaned and hit a gaurdrail pushing the front frame rails over about 4-5". Well, a frame straightening machine solved that problem really quick and now i’m just replacing damaged parts and upgrading as i go. There was a decent amount of body damage but i’ve been picking up parts on the cheep and it’s been going together very easy thus far. My goals with this car are to get it back to oem body (probably adding rear fender flares but keeping the rest stock). Oem seats, roll hoops, and srs system are coming out and being replaced with a custom cage, race seats and harnesses. I’m going to use the mugen roll hoop trim piece to keep it looking clean and build a custom welded in cage. Once that is done it’ll get paint and it should get a rebuild and boost by summer. I’m a mechanical engineer with a very technical background and this has been a breeze thus far. I work in albany doing consulting and sales for commercial hvac, i also own an audio business building custom fit subwoofer enclosures. I have a new 4 door offroad tacoma as my dd, i also have a 06 r6 and a 01 bmw f650gs dakar so this is simply just a fun project car for me. I plan to drive it a few days a week when it’s nice out and do the new england rally with it in August.

Well here she is at it sits now:

Parts i am looking for include:
Rear bumper (AP1 prefered, but would consider an AP2)
Front fenders (must be perfect and OEM)
Driver and Pass Fender Liners
Racing Seats
4 or 6 point harnesses with a valid date on them (must have at least 2 usable years)
Anything aftermarket


welcome to the site.

looks like a fun project. there are a few s2k guys here.

howdy. I saw you at a funeral a few weeks ago. I had the silver FJ parked next to you.

nice tacoma :thumbup

good shit

yeah you did, as i recall you build a crawler in my cousins machine shop. Sick looking FJ btw, i still need to get tires on my Taco to complete the look with the icon lift

yep. I still rent the shop.

The FJ was alot cooler a couple years ago, now its back to stock. It tows better that way :lol

Welcome, Jake!

whaddup jake!

Go back to unysoc, boy. We don’t like your kind around here, boy.

you are on there too, so………:retardclap

Sarcasm, you no understand it

its difficult to tell with you. my bad :rofl

Whats up Jake- glad you made it to this shithole of a site !

Welcome, I recognize the s2k from SOC



Whats that up in the right hand corner?

That’s my buddies VW. It’s pretty slick. Caged, nitrous, aem stand alone, small rims with slicks. It’s a clean and quick little car



Cant wait to see the car. GL with it, and if you need any help or anything PM me, I am allways looking for projects to help with.

WELCOME…and i got all the parts you need besides the seats and harnesses…pm me