New s14 owner


I’ve had 2 S13’s before was active on this forum a little bit but havent been back in a while. Finally picked up an s14. 1995 with 255k on the body. Motor is a KA24DE, with larger injectors, and the motor was rebuilt. Leather interior, 300zx brakes, 5 lug conversion, Full exhaust from Header back. Body is pretty rough but guy said he used to drift the car. I may have overpaid a bit at 2300$ but seems like a solid base.

-Rough body, alot of dents and dings, some bondo
-Clutch done
-Rear brakes need servicing
-Front Lower Control Arm needs repacing
-Exhaust leak

Other than that motor runs strong. Will put pics soon. Really happy to have an s14, always wanted one!


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Haha, you bought this off a brown guy.

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That I did lol