New Tires (Tweel)

No air! And much less petroleum in their manufacture. Check these out.

not sure if it is a repost or not…but i’ve never seen it

its the tweel, saw it two years ago at the detroit autoshow

Its like Nike Shox for your wheels.

Also, I think they could still close the side wall and just put small holes in the tire to relieve pressure. They would look a lot better.


fucking sick!:jawdrop:

Might be a problem in the snow…

ugly as fawk…but cool i guess

that aint right…

somehow i jsut have a hard time seeing that holding up well under extreme cornorering. its a sweet concept though.

Why? Thier cross section is probably 20 times thicker than a conventional tire and depending on their construction, creating what was once “sidewall” stiffness would be unlimited.

I am just wondering what a truck driver knows about “extreme cornering”…

Guess that takes care of the whole slashing tires shit

what the fuck am i supposed to do with all this tire shine!

but You cant see how 300#s affects a vehicle???

I’d imagine that would be quite a bit more stable than your average car tire. Reposted several times. But I want to see it in action.


Sweet but just doesnt look right…what are all the dub and beyond guys gonna do? lol

You’re also saving a shit load of weight from the air thats no longer needed… 15 pound wheel+tire combos? That would be awesome.


unsprung weight reduction like whoa

im pretty sure the spokes weigh more than air.

no side wall, lighter rim/wheel, and no compressed air (compressed air has weight)

seems like a cool concept to me.

Probably not a good idea to make a snow variation of these unless the enclose them with a slim piece of rubber on each side.