New to the forums!!!


Hey Everyone! Figured I would introduce myself!

New to the forums! Been searching for a 240 for about six months now.

I currently drive a subaru legacy gt (02) with minor mods

Was a mechanic for six years and now work as a stunt performer and actor in tv and movies.

So many questions I want to ask all of you about 240s and drifitng in Ontario (GTA).

  1. do you guys have winter car?
  2. Go cheap or go expensive for first 240 drifter
    3)Get a swapped out car or do it yourself

Anyway, Ill be searching the forums for info. Thank you all in advance for your time and help!!



240’s are great winter cars if they’re beaters.

if you spend $ on it you have to worry about rust… i would drive it in winter anyways :slight_smile:


make sense!! Thanks! Having a hell of a time finding a 240 that hasnt been beaten to death