newman needs more money...

seriously tho… i do. i need ideas…

damn yea me too, when you find out lemme know.

deliver pizzas at night.

sell your sexy skinny body :lol:

just kidding, ugly thought.

Pick up a second job, sell old stuff, ummmm that kind of thing

i need like an extra 200 bucks a week.
or i fear i may have to sell the 240 in pieces…

i think i may have fucked myself. no joke…

call onyx

give up your friday and saturday nights, and start being a valet

you can make 150-200 bux that way

ill even sell you my old valet shirt so you dont have to buy one

the 94 wasn’t good enough… he had to go with the 05. had to buy one brand new… couldn’t get one used…

isnt that kinda contradictory?

newman, the other delivery guy at john and marys may be quiting soon. guaranteed $300/week.

the jet ski is hardly the problem. Its all the shit in my room for the 240. Wound up spending way more than i wanted, then when i reran my spreadsheet, im looking at 12 months before i can pay it off… and that is only allotting 500/mo for entertainment and food…

which is no good. ah shit.

I hear ya man.

Sell some stuff for now, just to get back on top of things. Pick up another jobby job and rebuy the stuff when you have the $$. Kind of a PIA but defintly the way to go about it.

He’d sell it cheaper than the company. btw. if anyone else does want to work for TK valet, I have a shirt I can sell you too.

i have 10,000 dollars on my credit card… yikes.
i thought it was a good idea when i still was able to put alot of time in at innovative, but that went to hell. So now i am stuck with not enough income to pay it off in the 6 months that i had planned for. I really am considering just unloading the 240 as is, unassembled.

I dont know what i could get for it tho without it running…
I have so much money in the drivetrain it is unreal. Probably about 17000, but the motor/clutch should hold 1000 HP (just need better trans + turbo).

I would probably sell the whole car for what i have in the drivetrain…

i guess he doesnt want to work as a valet and make money :gotme:

why not refinance under a personal loan? do you own a home? condo? any property that currently does not have a lein against it, or only a partial lein (by partial lein i mean that the fmv of the property is greater than the amount you have financed)? if so, you could take out a home equity line of credit and refinance with a lower rate, which is safe and economical.

i just went through something similar myself, although not quite that magnitude. i am quite financially stable now, and my credit rating kicks ass.

no interest credit card… or… sounds like you’re digging a hole for yourself. i’d sell it… i’d regret it… but i’d sell it… dot dot dot

i like how you wrote the title in 3rd person.

Put the time in and finish that 240, its not worth a fraction of what it would be together and running.

poor newman! tell your boss to give you a raise… and when he says no do a flying backflip kick into his chin!