Next mod?

So tell who the fuck is next mod and how do they have the money for modded GTRs and this [ATTACH=CONFIG]35496[/ATTACH]

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A bunch of teenage Asians driving driving these cars? Selling tune up parts? Something doesn’t add up here

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P1s modded GTRs, and modded 458s ? Selling car parts? Ya right more like some traid mob shit.

nextmod is a company those cars r their customers lol…
they are good people

Funny how you can see in the news that some celebrity just got the newest Ferrari (first in Canada, blah, blah, blah )
or Lamborghini and at the same time you can see Asian kids driving the same or better cars in Scarborough.

Just hangout around Kennedy Commons if you want to see the newest and the best.

18 year old Asian kid driving a new p1 McLaren at shannonville with a dragon Tattoo on his neck. Those Asian sex salve workers must really pay off well