Nissan 400z

This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve read. Posting it just in case something actually does come of it.

The article is filled with;

… seems like…

… we’re hopeful that a stick shift…

… this one should stay true…

… we predict…

We hope that means…

The cabin should retain…

… somewhere in the $40,000s to undercut the Toyota Supra.

that article sucks but curious to see what comes of it.

Me too. Looks like it could be dope

This silhouette is definitely looking like the 240z.

inserts when the lights come on at the club meme

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I really would love to see them bring back that design. The 240z is one of my much wanted cars. Unfortunately it’s not in the budget right now and I’m not selling the S2000 to get one.

My guess is it will be a Supra competitor and probably be some watered down double clutch automatic like the SOOPRA.

Not knocking the Supra, as it is obviously firmly cementing itself as the new tuner car with some serious capability, but idk… probably just the manual transmission loving idiot in me that can’t get with it.

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Manual trans confirmed:

Keep the manuals alive.

I couldn’t imagine owning any of my sports cars if they weren’t manual.

I am yet to drive a true paddle shift tho

It’s confidence inspiring and can be fun, but depends on the vehicle.

My S5 has paddle shifters on the DSG and I pretty much never use them. In terms of just hustling or pure straight line acceleration I find the car does a great job picking gears if you just toss it in dynamic mode. The one place I use the paddles is driving really aggressively in switchbacks where I don’t want the car to upshift just before a big turn simply because I lifted off the throttle for a second.

I honestly don’t miss having a manual with this car. Part of that I’m sure is that in the 27 years I’ve been driving I’ve had manual daily drivers for 18 of those years.

I’ve never had a manual as a daily so I enjoy it when I do get to drive them on a nice day

I am the same with my m340i. I typically don’t use the flappy paddles unless I am doing some spirited driving. I have tried to use them in a more general ‘around town’ driving and they just require too much thought and work in most situations. For me, one of the biggest drawbacks compared to a manual is a lack of neutral. You are always in gear, so there is opportunity to just shift into neutral coasting up to a light and then being able to shift into the appropriate gear. Couple that with the fact that my HUD does not show what gear I am in and really doesn’t show the RPMs, which means I have to take my eyes off the road to look at my dash to see that info. Hoping that some track time will let me learn to use the things better.

That shift into first gear reminds me of the tight shifter in the S2000. Didn’t look like much movement almost like a short throw. I like!

I have them on my m235i. They are useless unless going straight. They are not a true paddle as they are not fixed to the steering column.

Ok, so people have been sending me pics of this car and while I think it’s cool, it doesn’t seem like that big of a change.

Then I saw this side-by-side today:

The styling IS better IMO, and I like the rear end much more than the 370. But I think the front end is kinda meh. This is another “I’ll wait to see it in person” kinda deal.

This IS nice

I’ve always thought the 350/370 was an ugly car and the 400 does a ton to fix that. That giant open mouth needs some work though.