NYIRP results 6.24

Did’t get what I wanted but I still made an improvment.

Even with it being almost 20 degrees hotter out than it was when I ran 13.25. I had five runs all of them getting better as the air got cooler.

best was when I cranked it to 22psi…

R/T 7.08
60ft 2.210
1/8 8.63
MPH 86.21
1/4 13.125
mph 109.86

I had better 60ft’s during the night but on a 2.10 I broke the exhaust hanger and it scared me so I let off for a split second and ran a 13.20 at 104. :bloated: She wants more boost according to the logs…and strangley enough my timing advance was wayy higher with the hot air.


not bad at all :tup:

what tires are you running on?

Would have been a 12 with a 2.0 or a 2.1… Tough luck Skrapper…

yeah joes runs were pretty good, got better when it got later at the end of the night. thumbs up to you and jordan.

Pfft, shitty night for me. Best I could do was 14.145, with like a 2.0 60ft.

Last run i took was at like 10:30, went, launched decent, went for second and my shifter fell really far back. I still got the run with a 14.3 or something, don’t remember.

Anyways, popped the hood and the bolt holding my linkage to the tranny had worked its way loose, like REALLY loose. And the linkages were kind of floating around in there. I cranked it down, scorched my forearm on the radiator hose, lost a few fingers to the hot tranny and a knuckle or two on the block. :lol:

But I suppose for the heat, 14.145 with an even slower 60ft than the 14.079 run back in May, there’s still some hope and promise there.

Still not too bad for a T25 with few mods.

Sorry bout making two threads…my account was fuxored for a few days…Howie fixed me up good though.

oh, and I am running Falken azenis (sp?) at 30 psi on fronts.

did anyone else go? i thought a bunch of people were gonna be running friday?

You try dropping your tire psi?

yeah I can see 12s no problem :tup:

good job man :tup:

This was more of a test of my FMIC. And I would have to say it passed, but I was hoping for more. I can hit twelves…I just need some practice.

Nice Job skrappaR

109 trap = the win

great runs, joe!

how did jordan run??? low 12s or high 11s???


Jordan was running high 12’s when I talked to him…

good jorb skraptastic :tup:

Jordan got down to mid-low 12’s I am not sure…JORDAN WHERE ARE YOU!!!

I just looked at something from my logs…according to DSM link…My trap was 109.2 on my best run wich is tenths off what it really was…talk about accuracy.

Also It says I can do 0-60 in less than 5 sec. HollaR

wow, 110 trap or bust n00b

but alas, nice times. When I was on Azenis, I found that lowering tire pressure a tad helped 60fts, and I mean like 22psi - to the point where it was hard to turn (no PS)

What did you trap??? 10brokenaxle.93
then 11brokenpistonringland.34

and I was told DSM’s broke a lot:gotme:

J/K scott. I will be sure to do that on wed or fri. I had no air tank.

slopoke ran a 15.2 with his neon spiining all the way. guess its not 2 bad 4 a neon