NYS to put speed limiters on cars?

Figured there would already be a thread? Pretty vague in the wording, but I am sure it is enough to trigger most people.

It’s only a matter of time.

I have a friend that had a 911 GT3 and liked to argue that guns are bad and should no person should have them.

This was my counter argument. You should not be allowed to own any vehicle that can exceed 70 mph. Link in the ole GPS and boom, you car will never exceed a posted speed limit in you area.

Man, I’d love to own a car that went over 70mph… #Miatalife

@Motocrossx23 I think you’re good anyway:

for vehicles over 3,000 pounds

So motorsickles and skinny drag cars are still good lol

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I weighed my C6Z. Street trim 3064.


Humm… I MIGHT be able to get mine under 3k if need be.

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If passed, the legislation would require automakers to include those advanced driver assistance systems as standard equipment in new vehicles from 2024 on.
So no need to start gutting your car.

Yeah, I’m not too worried about this even if it does happen. Cars are global products. Will be just another thing that I have to go into VCDS (for Audi) and look for the “RoW” (Rest of World) setting to tick and update. Not much different than the speed limiters, auto/stop/start and cylinder deactivation on cars today that are easily removed with a tune.