OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread



Looks really good dude. When are you getting wheels?


Got this '82 last week from the auction. Last year of series 2, first year of fuel injection. It was from Basil Toyota, presumably a trade in but I don’t really know the story. 94k miles, super clean. Bought it to flip but I think I’m going to sell my m5 (cheap, ~$13k) and keep this (also get my 240z going and snag another e30).


Did a quick wash


^^ That looks fantastic :tup:


My new DD. '13 GTI Drivers Edition, ~9k miles.

More or less stock since Ive only had it a couple weeks. So far just tint, clear corners, yellow fogs.

Ill likely be doing a tune and some other goodies come spring.



83’ rabbit Gti

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Got some low for my birthday.


its amazing what a front end conversion, suspension, wheels and euro bumpers do.


by far my favorite vw chassis



Perma-mount that trophy to the bike. Better yet, make a whole bike out of trophies that you win with it.


im honestly surprised the pan got a trophy before the shovel


Where was that bike show? I remember seeing something about one down in Irving if I recall correctly.




Nice IS



Yup. I’m a fan. ^


Hey, does anyone know how to be able to view the right side of pictures on an iPad? Most of the pictures are cut off.


First Nissan.


did you get rid of the 997 for that??!?!?