OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


woah :tup:


Replaced S4 as my dd. Still have the 997.


why isnt your custom title “resident baller” yet?


Park it next to the 997 to show how the 997 is one million times better looking. :slight_smile:


The GTR :wink:


Dude, you’re killing it…


:tup: Awesome
Once Raptor is paid off seriously thinking about one of these, so sick…


Do I see this at wegmans on Sheridan?


The GTR is a great car but sitting next to a 997 makes you realize it is just a fast a Nissan.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, come on, please. :slight_smile:


I agree, I think Sam’s 997 turbo will hold its value really well and even increase as more time passes. After driving the GTR all I can say is that it is very easy to go fast in that car, it’s nuts how quickly you are seriously speeding with just a couple flicks of the paddles, the car is crazy efficient with the power. It also makes more noises at low speeds than I ever could have imagined too, it’s kinda funny for a production car.


997 Values are rock solid. I have been eying them for 2-3years thinking “next winter will be the price im ok with” NOPE.

That GTR is hot as hell. I was telling him about one at the track that was running 9s. That was the first one I was up close to and really liked it. I need a ride!


Nissan Rocks !!!


Must be a different one.

After driving it, I can say it’s definitely more than just a fast Nissan. I’m with you on the aesthetics though compared to a 911.

I want to dislike it but it’s just so damn capable. Time will tell if the floppy paddles get boring after a bit. So far I’ve been surprisingly happy with it.

Lets set something up already. I want to see how 'Merica does fast cars. :tup:


bring this up to TMP for a 1/4 mile test and tune night… i want to run my M3 too.


What’s a 1/4" test? Short race?


Come to NYIRP Friday?


isnt NYRIP just a 1/8 mile?


That is Lancaster is the 1/4 mile I think @cougarspeed and I are going Friday maybe a few others


I may try the GTR in stock trim on Friday too.


Bing vs. Sam? I want to watch :slight_smile: