OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


I should be in for Friday.


That would be a good drivers race. Is your right foot up to the task Bing?



Worst case I don’t get the new trans in I will race on the old one. Pfft no biggie


Evo in race mode!


That looks real good actually. If those were street tires with that sidewall I bet it would be a real comfortable ride :slight_smile:


Finally rocking something with more than 400 ft/lbs. :mamoru:


Pictures of your actual ride Beck, not a stock photo :slight_smile:


Fixed, lol


I can’t see anything?


Fixed. It’s just a stupid 5,000 pound VW that burns oil.


Congrats man. Such a nice daily vehicle. :tup: Just wish they were cheaper.


Sold the STi and picked this up.

This is the only picture I have of it right now…

'98 S70 T5. It’s in good shape despite it being 17 years old. It just needs some maintenance. Whatever. I’m attracted to the strange and unusual.


Traded in my S5 for…

And the 1M for…


Very nice!


Love the v10 at 8500. :tup:


Congrats AJ. It’s been a good couple weeks for you in the car department :tup: fucking awesome man.

So are you going to put snows on the R8 then :slight_smile:


bad ass


jesus fuck


2 post since 2007?


I’m in the wrong profession.