OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


Nice. Is the GTR yours too?



@drewster99 I thought for sure seeing your name bump this that it would be a picture of a 135i :confused:


Haha, hopefully in the next few months…


One at a time please. Jesus.


Thanks bud. Snows are going on the F80. The R8 would be a sexy snow plow though!


Yeah I joined in 2007 and got busy and forgot about the forum. Sam brought it up on the way to pick up the R8 so I figured I’d rejoin and hang around.


Thanks. GTR belongs to Sam (evoMR) and would put a serious hurt on the R8.


What did the GTR run the other night?


Nice. Nice cars by the way.


Sold one beast.

Hopped into another.



Stupid air filters. hahahaha

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Sam was telling me about these whips. Nice work! We will all have to cruise soon.


6mt vs 6mt for a more fair run?



Maybe post APR/exhaust. Stock 997 is close so I’m sure the beating will be terrible.


I thought it was the baby seat!


I’ve been told the V8 actually has a better exhaust note. But that could have just been someone justifying their non-V10 purchase, lol.


Thought that driveway looked familiar…


My track slut:


sam sorry i didnt see that post calling me out :slight_smile:

i really do want to run my M3 at a 1/4. i had it on TMP and it was all over the place though. the MPSS cannot handle the current level of power. I really should have much much more tire.

this pearlwhites dude seems radasfuck too…


Sold my m5 this week, to an old ubrf member Mark for those who remember him, I think 16vpassat was his screen name.

Sure gonna miss it, but I’m going to sell the Alfa too and look for an e30 m3


E30 M3 :tup: !!