OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


X100000000 @Coldaccord. :bigtup:


Congrats on getting it sold.

I bought another M5 this week.


Still have a ton of stuff to do on it, but really happy to have one again. Was definitely my favorite of the cars I’ve owned. I’ll have photos that don’t suck when I’m done doing a few things, it gets detailed, and @IanK and I go melt some tires.


Nice mike :tup: don’t see to many white ones around.


first off, HELL YEAH! totally support this purchase. secondly, i want in, especially before winter.
heres my pos


Can we have a german tire melting party?


^^ in front of your house right?


I heard someone say POS German car! Here is the ugly step child… Im down for 1 wheels peels :frowning: by llink58, on Flickr


@Coldaccord E30 m3?! Oh baby!!! :tup:


does it still have mufflers? I can picture you sawing them off in the driveway before leaving with it.


@Jam some day. Gonna take me a while to find one. There’s one in NY with 199k, s50 swap, no interior just fixed backs and a rollbar, for $11k. Think I’m going to pass, and hope to spend $12-13 on one that needs a motor rebuild


I actually joked with Jay about taking straight pipes as my carry-on luggage. Actually the problem with sawzall’ing them without a turndown of sorts is that it burns the composite where the roadside kit normally sits. Made that mistake on the old one. So no, it still has mufflers for another 24 hours or so.


I finally decided to join the NYspeed “civic” club LOL.

2006 Carrera S with 17,800 miles on the clock :tup:

Special thanks to Xander and EvoMR for having to listen to me talk about what my next purchase might be for the last year plus. I am sure they are happy not to have that conversation anymore LOL.

Some crappy pics of the new toy:


Well you obviously have my approval. That’s what everyone wants, right?




atta boy jeller

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not sure if i ever posted this on here - sportpackage/6MT 535i


welcome to the club @Jeller you picked the right color :wink:


Wanna see you getting in / out of it.


Congrats on 997!


I really like the color and it looks clean even if its not that clean.

^ 535 with a stick, niiiice :tup:

Actually it’s not bad at all. If it was a lotus or something, that would be interesting…


If it were a Lotus it would be than interesting, it would be impossible.