OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


P car club. Woot woot.



Nice purchase Jeller!


2008 Ducati 1098, Termignoni slip on exhaust and race ecu, a few carbon fiber bits…


congrats @Jeller! looks nice.

If you post Ducati’s in this thread it must include a sound clip. :lol:


nice bike for sure



Recently acquired 1985 Jag XJ6. This thing is really clean. It spent most of its life in Florida so there is no rust on it. The interior is a little rough but not bad. Hiding under the hood is a brand new Gen 1 Goodwrench 350 crate motor backed by a 700R4. She needs a bit of TLC but overall it is one sweet cruiser.


hell yeah. Look up “Draguar” on youtube. There is something awesome and wrong about putting a pushrod motor under the hood of an 80s European sedan


[ATTACH]33829[/ATTACH] most recent pic I got, going to storage soon.

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Jeller, well done!

On topic, here are a few of the Evora after a quick wash / interior detail, before taking the photos in front of the History Museum…


you need a new photo location.

that place is stale


Nice contribution.


here to help


Late h2oi pics, fun wow. Plasticky.



Always looking good Ian


Car is looking great Ian


I still miss it. Its like seeing a child all grown up

(im talking about the m3 not ian)


I’m fully aware of the Draguar! Coincidentally there is a 6-71 Huffer on Craigslist right now. I would have one bad Kitty.


He means me too!


My 69 Camaro tucked away for winter

My 66 Chevelle (SiniSSter) after paint. I had a thread on here, but it wasn’t read much. So here’s some updates on the build

Fatties 335


Big Block Powa! Mike Janis built 396 Chevy