OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


Few more pics. Mike Lundeen designed logo for quarter panel, CNC’ed at Myles Tool

Sonus Car Audio from TN came to Underground Autosound and did a full custom interior and trunk.


No. It’s like seeing your child with ill fitting shoes and broken ankles causing him to walk like a pigeon.


@camarojoe looking great!


That’s gonna be one badass chevelle!


finally scratched an itch





walker that’s a cool little truck man

Different wheels =)



@XwalkerX bout damn time
@my01celica I used to live in Norfolk, on Westover in Ghent. Had a silver e30 touring at the time.

my business partner is in VB now, still has his house near Lynnhaven


Who is your friend?


Dan Sciolino, he was a master tech at Checkered Flag.

He’s just doing some work on his place, between tenants, lives back up here now. He had a black e30 couple with a 95 m3 motor in it when he lived down there


who doesn’t love some pop-ups on a monday


Will those pile of shit Harleys fit in the bed when they leave you stranded? Truck is cool broski


lol of course they will


Xwalkerx. Nice truck, but needs moar low.



@XwalkerX Angle grinder + 1.5-2 coils cut. 2-3" lowering blocks out back. Available at any parts store. Lowered for $50 and it will ride fine I promise.

Not joking I did this to my 69 Camaro and it handles better then ever.

Truck looks sweet btw! What year?


@cougarspeed its a 1970

im looking to get somewhere around this stance

expect a PM momentarily


i would just lower the rear. then you can push the bikes right on to the bed, no problem :wiggle:


my current thought is to go with a 2/4" drop kit and then kill 2 birds with 1 stone by doing a 2.5" disc brake drop spindle.

right now I have drums all around.

im pretty sure the white truck I posted has the same exact setup I just mentioned.