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Some of the brake kits use the cheapest bull shit parts ive ever used in my life. Ive had bad parts out of the box from classic industries and right stuff brakes.


Same experience here. The rotors that make up the disc brake conversion for the '55 carried a '70s Chevelle part number. Garbage. The power steering conversion used an early '80s Chevy Celebrity rack! All came from Eckler’s Classic Chevy. Never again.


Functional, Fun, Fast and Furious


Is this the title of the 34th installment?


Yeah once they have all grown up and get sick of ricers. :slight_smile:


^It’s kind of funny how the Cayenne is the result of what would happen if you mixed together a 911, RS6, and F250. Talk about using the right tool for the job eh?


Subconsciously that may be why I purchased it. :slight_smile:


Nice line up there :tup:




Yours > mine



Is the ranger 4x4 or 2wd. I thought I remember you mentionit was 2wd. How is it in the snow?


the view of San Diego is pretty cool up on that mountain


It’s 2WD, I built a frame that sits in the bed and my father managed to get some 2" steel plates that I have right over the axle, so about 250lbs. With that and the beefy winter tires it actually does very well in the snow. Haven’t been stuck yet.

You’re telling me. Makes me want to go visit my aunt, she’s in Encinitas (sp?).


Just picked this up. Won’t be on the road til spring though


typical trailing arm rear suspension or is it an oddball that has the leafsprings? the trailing arm ones take a lowering block that’s about twice the cost of a standard drop block fyi.

getting it to the stance of that white truck with just springs will for sure have it sitting on bumpstops. many don’t even run bump stops in the front. if you can do spindles, for sure do spindles. didn’t they start having disc brakes up front around '71?

btw, is that a gmc with the c10 clip swap or a c10 with a mismatched tailgate? the gmc fronts sure were ugly…


ive done a ton of research on suspension in the past week.
im not doing lowering blocks

im going with a 2.5" drop spindle disc brake conversion and a 2" lowering spring for the front
for the rear im going with a 6" drop spring.
the suspension comes with proper matching struts all around and also rear shock relocation setup and track bar setup

yes discs started in 71

this is a chevy with a gmc tailgate


Walker your truck reminds me / looks like a movie prop.



Something like that, yeah, lol.