OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


Nice. Which motor is in it?


^+1 I have a weird hard on for the M Roadsters lately with the wide body.


It’s only the 1.9L, but it’s manual, rust free, with 61k on it, and has Dinan Throttle Body, Intake, Exhaust and Stage 3 engine management, which gives it a good sound and makes it a little more fun to drive.


Got my plates for the new GTI a few weeks ago. A recent parking spot allowed me to capture this photo. Unfortunately there were no bricks around.



gone for the winter :frowning:



This -

Made me realize its time to rock the winter setup-



^^how many miles are you getting per tank? no odo so prob hard to tell, but ever try to figure it out?


Decided to get myself a toy with the fine weather we have been having

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Approximately 800hp hurr


this wassell style tank will get me about 50 miles. its roughly 1.6 gal

I still have stock softail 4.2 gal split tanks on my evo and can get about 140 before I hit the reserve on those.


This years winter set up.


Car went back to New Era for meth and a retune. Made 674 rwhp and 578 rwtq with just the ECS blower kit, ARH long tubes and meth through an auto transmission. Polished Weld RTS wheels and 295/45R17 MT DR on the way to try and hook.


Love that color. Nice whip


vettes bad ass. do they do the super cheap “lowering bolts” like they did for C5? would look ( . )( . )



nice mike! still love the exterior styling of those^^^ :tup:
interior was dated the day it came out, but such a good car overall


How much boost 12-13psi?