OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread



Da Faq??? Details on the NB?


I bought it from PaulB’s father in January last year, this is how it looked:


And this is it now:

      • Updated - - -

I just need coilovers (maybe in the spring) and I’m done with it.


Nice, Any interest in my summer 19s with brand new Hankooks?


This came together really nice…I love me a clean well done Miata.


Now with more horse powers!!! Me loading a tune, what could go wrong?!?!? (That was fun. :slight_smile: )


For Sale : Cayenne Turbo (Blow Motor)



GTS, no turbo. So it was only a 6% gain in torque for $900 which seemed reasonable until I had to buy a cable for $135 and a Surface Pro 3 for $2200 to program the ECU. LOL


I don’t have a fun car anymore. might be a little while before I get one again lol.

my go fast toy. about to get switched to hill drag setup next. currently 230hp tuned on c12, working on making it a little lighter right now. future outlook will be longer track and 400+hp with either a garrett 3071 or 3582…depends on if I want to go over the 500hp mark or not:

and the DD.


@95dime What kinda times does that thing run in the 1/8th? 400hp sounds insanely awesome.


Stock motor went 5.91 @ 113 with 1.26 60ft at Lancaster. I never got a chance to run the 1200 motor 1/8th mile this year but I expect it to be 5.5-5.6 range next summer.

When I add the turbo on top I’m hoping for a 5.0

In 500ft grass and snow guys running the tuned up ones with high boost are going 3.7-4.2 et range but I’ll need a 144" track under it to help go those ET times. Unfortunately they only make up to a 136" track for pavement right now but I hope that changes by the time I’m going turbo.


Oof, that’s flying! Good luck mang, sounds sweet.


GTR in winter mode.


Year around mode.


Please stop driving this in the winter.


It’s just a car. (and just a Nissan at that).
(Not EvoMR’s)



Took my wing off yesterday so heres a pic of my dirty ass STi.


As obnoxious as factory big wing cars like the STi, EVO, Supra, etc. are,sometimes they just fit…I like them…


Yeah I’ve gone back and forth with it since I bought the car. I do like the boxy look it provides and how well it balances the hood scoop. For me it boiled down to two annoying issues. The fact that the wing is in the middle of my rear view mirror and the extra attention I get from truck bros, ricers and BMW’s (I’ve been given the finger by multiple bimmers for absolutely no reason). I don’t get any attention from cops…



Put the wing back on. When they give you the finger…blow them a kiss