Official: SR vs. KA vs. CA vs. RB vs. VQ vs. LSx


Guys Check this out:

Why are we arguing which motors better?

Clearly if you can make 230whp out of a N/A 2.0l Non-Vtec motor that
only rev’s to 8000rpm the SR is far superior to any motor on this list. No?


lol…these guys all want boost and dont wanna go through the work of building an n/a setup…230 WHP is very easy…300WHP n/a has been done with sr20de motors in Asia many times…off course its a ton of work and a ton of money.


Big Coin… $10,000 Plus at least.

Gotta buddie with an All Motor Civic.

He’s got some crazy VTEC Hybrid 2.0L 11:1 with Skunk 2 Stage III
Cams and a $3000 ported head with well over 20hrs of Dyno Tuning
on Race Gas and so far is only making 225whp.

Run’s a 12.0 but still 230whp on a SR20DE is IMO not feesable.


dude, anyone who spends 10G on a honda B series and only makes 225whp has no clue what they are doing…im assuming b series cuz u said 2.0l hybrid…especially on race fuel man !


He did make 285whp on my car at only 8psi…

I don’t see anybody else with those numbers?

N/A Car’s are Slow

Show me dyno’s of 2.0l N/A Motors making more than 230whp.

He’s got more to go in that little thing but still man, IMO not worth it.


He makes more power on 94 octane, than he does race fuel, the compression isn’t high enough for race gas.


11.1 is a lot of compression, and when tuned well 230 is a good # to get but i wouldnt spend 10G on B series for that much power…I’d go stock k20R with toda spec b’s for under 6000 bucks and make similar power and more torq with less compression and pump gas…i like near stock setups more then totally insane internals…
like my white s13…251 whp/234ft-lbs at 7.5 psi…stock motor, stock t25…just running very well…


^^^ Do you have a dyno chart to prove those numbers?

Any Tuned SR I’ve ever seen hit the dyno on 7.5psi made ~215whp


don’t be a smart ass.

you know it was a type-o.

but if being childish is your thing, go ahead.

i’m glad the only useful thing you could add to the topic was your wise ass remark.

you got me with that. ouch! and may i add ZING![/quote]
Well, I did add a link to a whole topic on freshalloy about how well a VQ fits, how it improves the weight balance of the car, and how much it hauls ass, but nobody read it. As to me being childish, I’ll bet you $50 that if I didn’t say it, someone else would’ve, this board isn’t known for maturity. If you want the 50, come down here and look me in the eyes, and tell me HONESTLY that everyone else here is way too mature to make that comment. I’ll whip out my wallet right away.


I didnt keep any charts cuz i only went to the dyno once in my life for 5 mins about two years ago…did one pull, and left the shop…215 whp?? LOL…no fuckin way…how was my car as fast pavels and gregs with only 215 and bigger rims, and more weight with A/C !! more thing…full interior s13, wont run 13.3 with 17 inch street tires at only 215 WHP…


yea varuns car was fast…

oddly fast lol



A buddy of mine turboed his 95 kade and is getting 533 whp, you can check his car out at from nj,


greg, u think i was makin 215 WHP? LMAO


*note to everyone

Varun is brown, dont believe a word he says…lol

except for the fact that the SR fuking OWNZ…

i got 542 km’s to a tank last week and there was a solid few hours of sliding in the rain and other redline action so even with all the mods (stock air and fuel though) my SR is still running very healthy after i put over 40,000km’s on it and who knows how many it had before.

show me a KA-T that has over 40,000 tubrocharged kilometers and is still running.

Adam i know you showed me one already but they are so few and far between.

Chris has had 6 KA’s now, Aaron is about to do his 3rd in like 5000km’s.

i bet that fore every KA-T with 40,000km’s there are 223 SR’s with the same.

i do like and have mad respect for a nice KA-T but Sr is just easier.

in regards to varuns 251 rwhp, i remember there was a dude on silvia who ran a 12.7 with stock turbo, stock injectors and mafs on an SR.


definitly more than 215whp.


shut your hole bing, go make copies of copies and cook me chicken balls on the weekend…


It’s $10 000 worth of parts if purchased new or without any hook ups, he didn’t pay close to this price. 11 to 1 compression is a lot for a turbo car, not N/A.


So you’re claiming almost 90 whp gain from a front mount and exhuast??


blitz ecu, ported and inside/outside coated manifold…3 inch exhaust and a few other stupid things…and a motor with under 30K on it…where do u get 90whp from dude??? if u transfer a stock front clip from JDM s13 into a usdm chassis bone stock them make 200WHp with stock intercooler and by pass vavle…



what shop did you have it dynod at?

205 to the crank is stock, average drivetrain loss on RWD is 20%,

your claimed 250 whp - 160whp = 90whp. Not that hard.