Official: SR vs. KA vs. CA vs. RB vs. VQ vs. LSx


ok my bad, no need for a wastgate but still, more then a few bucks,
do not get me wrong I also like the CA, I just do not want to see some noobs get a ca and that turbo and then expecting MAZZIzE power or turning up the boost with out installing all the other things they really need.

Someone get that Ca!!!


all i have to say is i just fired up my rb26dett last week and if there were any sr’s ka’s and they heard it run they would be shaking in their boots !!!
RB is the way to go



i love my CA.

having ridden stock SR and stock CA, and having raced mine stock turbo vs SR w/T28, i can say the CA is a great motor. just that it’s old and should be well maintained.

when i first started looking to buy a nissan, i decided on importing right away. i didn’t want the hassle of doing a swap, or turboing a KA. if i could go back, i would have set about $5000 more aside and bought an S14 and swapped in an RB.

i don’t regret my decision on buying my car, but i know there’s more fun to be had with an rb, and with an rb25det, i will have better assurance in the age of my motor. of course it’s all up to luck; i could hav ejust as easily bought an RB25 motorset with a spun bearing. :stuck_out_tongue:

one day, i’ll find a VVT RB25 and put it in my lil S13 if it’s still around.


rb20 or rb26 is the way to go : ) since i got my skyline i just completely fell in love with the rb engines : ) easy to work on and easy to make power and they sound amazing when reved …

rb20det is what im runnig right now and building a rb24det : ) better tourqe than an rb25 and better rod stroke ratio and will put out far more hp …


When putting in a S15 what type of fuel pump should replace the stock one?
Also, does the drive shaft need to a costume one or is there a curtain donor car to take from? :?: :roll:


It’s prolly best to go with a walbro or something. I’m not 100% sure but for the S15 swap with the 6spd tranny, I’m pretty sure you also need the S15 driveshaft and rear end. This is because the speed sensor is on the dif on the S15 SRs. These motors are really expensive, the 6 spd is weak, and the wiring is a bitch. You should just get a S13 or S14 blacktop.


Thanks. So lets say I get the S14 blacktop, What drive shaft would I have to use then, and If it is the Silvia one, would it the proper length? Also, would there be any major sensor problems I might have to worry about?


I believe with the S13 and S14 SRs, you can just use the stock driveshaft. The swaps are pretty basic unless you’re trying to put an OBD2 S14 motor into a S13 or something. I would assume then the wiring would get a bit tricky. Maybe someone else can chime in to validate this info lol.


same for me,

if there were any sr’s ka’s and they heard it run they would be shaking in their boots !!!


eh I might as well post some VG experience here…

I know 2 guys running vg30e’s in s13, one is non-turbo the other has a t3/t4 hybrid making around 320hp

now simply put it’s a solid lump of iron, with not the greatest heads, but what it lacks it makes up in durability, you can beat the piss out of it and run >16psi with no internal mods

simple effective upgrades: reground cams+new springs = $450 = 7k redline and better high end

turbo upgrades: t3/t4 = $… = stock t3 is a .48ar or thereabouts, this engine is happiest with a gt32 to gt35

intercooler: fairly large same side exit intercooler = $400-600 easy pipe routing

alternator: easy upgrades, maxima 90A and quest 110A

ecu upgrades: $$$$$$ jwt for preprogrammed, ~$100 manually editing and burning chips, $250 romulator for live tuning stock ecu

intake manifolds from 300zx, maxima, pathfinder, quest etc allow almost any kind of injectors to fit, like top feed on early 300zx, z32 style on maxima and many more combos

exhausts: non-turbo headers don’t make much improvement, custom tubular turbo manifold would help locating the turbo somewhere convenient like out front

engine mount + crossmember: easy to modify/fabricate something

best of all VG30E/VG33E’s ARE CHEAP AS HELL


Are people more thrilled by the idea of putting in fancy, unconventional
motors are are they after sheer power, and plan to take it to the next
level, year after year?


I like nissans and their lovely overbuilt engines, but overall I’m pretty brand agnostic, call it pragmatic

if you want an engine that fits, 240z’s have kits to bolt up chevy 350’s which are cheap and plentiful, assuming you like nissan engines and think it’s heresy to consider a domestic then hey get an rb26, 2jz whatever

if you’re a cheap mofo like I am and just want something fun, you make decisions more on affordable targets, if you can guy an sr20 clip cheap great have fun, otherwise buy any old nissan vg30et/33e/30de(tt)/30ve etc and stick it in for more power out of the box

again why go exotic when you have cheaper more powerful options right here?

people just have too much damn money, and I think they need to share more heh


There are a lot of powerful options, but how many exactly are taking
advantage of this? It’s the very few that do and its those that make the
swap more worth while.

Doing it just for learning expreience suffice as well I suppose.


I just say set a budget and let that determine your options, then driving style, personal delusions (otherwise known as opinions), and such can help whittle it down from there

again if you wanna stick to nissan engines, there’s plenty of power to be had for very little money

did you ever see that focus with the 351ci ford v8… that sounded like fun … but I digress



Does anyone have opinions on importing a whole silvia vs getting a coupe and putting an SR into it? I have a connection to an importer, so i’m considering it. Is it worth the extra cash to have a fully put togeather car, or is it worth the savings to do it myslef?

I am extremely mechanically inclined, and custom machined parts are not out of the question, but I do have time and money constraints. I dont want a monster, heck i dont even need 300whp. All i want is a nice, reliable, streetable turbo car that I can jump into a go on a road trip without worrying about what spares i should bring along. Reliability is more important to me than power. Besides, the most fun i’ve had in a car had ~50hp



there are Lots of guys who do that, and the Price is right, Go for it


adding a domestic v8 makes me want to vomit … primitive no tech slobs of a motor … sure lots of power but very inefficent … and plus then it throws the whole disrupting the balancing of the car out the window … because i can tell you this a 302 out of a mustang is far more weight that an rb series motor … and Lt for Lt the rb or sr’s will stomp on the v8’s no matter how you look at it … i have worked with a lot of v8’s and am currently building a 540 big block with twin t88’s for one of our shop cars for the the drag strip and i would never build one for my self after having fooled with nissan engines or even honda engines lol its just so much fun making large power out of small displacment and seeing the look on peoples faces :twisted: … and plus seeing a 240sx come down the road with the roar of a v8 just looks wrong … anyways just my 2c


have you ever actually weighed an RB?


nope have not actually … but i have been arround both large v8’s and rb’s and i can tell you for ease of moving arround the rb’s seem quite a bit lighter … ill weigh mine when it comes out for bore and stroke …


Anyone here have a rb20 swapped in a s13? If so did the car loose alot of it’s nimblness becuase of the added weight? Or was the loose very minor?