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How bad is this? The hull looks like this:


Did it fall off the trailer and get dragged for 100 miles?


lol, it’s 20 years old.


didn’t newman repair the cracked hull on his jetski? you should ask him.


I did, he thinks it’s probably fine but I’d like other opinions as well.


I’m no expert but it looks cosmetic. Can you create a “grinding” noise on water? :slight_smile:


+1 on cosmetic, looks like it’s been beached on sand/rocks all it’s life
Best test is sit it in the water and look inside the hull for any leaks or moisture


I was thinking it was just cosmetic, but wanted to make sure since it’s all the way down to the SMC material.


New toy acquisition?


Maybe. I’ve wanted one for a while, I just don’t want to spend a lot so I’m willing to accept imperfections… as long as it’s not going to sink, lol.

Thanks guys :tup:




Tell us some more details to give a better recommendation whether u should purchase or not.


Since when do YOU accept imperfections?!



This is the guy who changed his water faucet because he couldn’t get it completly cleaned to his liking lol.


The point of gelcoat is to seal the fiberglass under it. Now that so much gelcoat is worn off I’d be concerned about water absorption and the hull losing it’s integrity.

If it doesn’t feel soft and it’s a good deal I’d just swing by West Marine and pick up some gelcoat to re-coat it.



You know riding a jet ski is going to muss up your hair.



That’s an aftermarket intake grate and it looks a little scuffed. Only way to do that is beaching or rocks.

After damaging impellers in shallow water I don’t think I would buy a PWC without water testing. Everything can start right up and sound good but you wouldn’t know something is wrong until you get on the water and mash the throttle.


Is this jet ski free?


I wouldn’t use it much in that condition, I’d want to cover all of that bare fiberglass in an Epoxy Sealer/Primer, at a minimum. Something like this: http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=6777&engine=adwords&keyword=interlux_3000&gclid=CO-34Yfc9r0CFchQ7AodyicAQw .

Also as mentioned above, unless the impeller has been replaced, it’s probably completely trashed. Doesn’t take much sand running through the machine to wreck the impeller.

In the end, jet skis that are this poorly treated are usually a nightmare.


lol, I’ve been on a jet ski before!

94 Yamaha Wave Blaster, Worx intake grate, premixed & oil injection block off, K&N air filter with waterproof screen, Riva Red exhaust pipe, Dynojet jets tuned for pipe and air filter.

The guy has been taking it in and out of the bed of a pickup truck while he’s had it. I’m sure that’s added to it.

I hear ya. That would be ideal but I don’t think I can get it in water.

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It’s not fiberglass & gelcoat, it’s SMC (Sheet Molded Compound) & painted from what the internet says.

I’ve seen a few places that say this can be repaired in a similar fashion but you need SMC specific materials or there won’t be a proper bond.

Good point. Any way to visually inspect it? Maybe remove the grate and take a look?

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lol, it’s cheaper than most of your watches.